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Week 6 so far

Two out of three runs down, and here's how it went.

Before W6D1 I fell off my bicycle and bashed my knee - unfortunately I ended up with very painful DOMS afterwards. So I had to set my run back by a couple of days. Eventually, I got better and headed out to the park on an overcast day. I got a little bit over confident with the first run, but eventually slowed my pace back down. I didn't find it that hard, which was surprising. Left the park feeling quite proud of myself, all ready for the next one...

And then Day 2. Now that is NOT an experience I'd like to repeat! It was a very hot day when I completed the run, and by the end of it I was begging Laura to say "you can walk again". After I did my warm down walk, I ended up feeling a little sick and lightheaded, which I assume was because of the heat. So I sat on a bench under a tree, took as much water as I could and started to feel better. But I will never run in midday summer sun again. It's cool evening runs for me from now on! Despite the bad experience, I did complete it (which I'm very proud of).

So, looking ahead to Day 3 - when things get serious - there's two things I'll be doing properly this time: not running in high heat or humidity (I guess I don't handle it well) and having plenty of water to hand. 25 minutes running, no more walking intervals ever...little nerve wracking to say the least. But usual slow pace, concentrate on finishing the runs...and hopefully I'll post back with success!

Happy running!

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It's a scary thought isn't it! I've just done r2 this morning - it was warm even then! My next run will be a evening run to as it fits in with my day better! Laura stopped with a minute to go this morning! How dare she! Tut tut!

Hope you are feeling better after the fall from your bike! Xx


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