Longest run so far

Hi fellow runners, I missed out on park run this morning ( too comfortable in bed!!) So I thought a long run today would stop me feeling guilty. Went out at a slower for me than usual pace and stopped at 16 k in 1 hour 30 mins. I stupidly forgot my water bottle and was a bit thirsty. Why are there no water fountains these days! Amazingly I wasn't puffed out or overly tired just a tad dry. It's all down to c25k and the help and advice given here that's enabled me to do this. Seven months ago I couldn't run to the end of the road without being exhausted! Good luck and happy running all.

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  • That's a pretty damn good run - must have been a sub 60 10k. Mind you, that's no excuse for missing Parkrun.

  • Thanks, I know I'm bad missing park run. I really enjoyed it last time. Next week I'll be there I hope.

  • Wow ! Well done Samson ! Epic run ! :-)

    Hmmm I suppose you can be excused for missing Parkrun for that . Please bring a excuse me note next time or else we will come round to yours and rattle on your letter box ha ha :-)

    Well done ! :-) xxxx

  • I'll have the tea on ready for you poppy!!x x

  • Fab ! Oh and a couple Jammie Dodgers please ! :-) xxx

  • That's a great pace for 10 miles, well done you! And you're right; it's amazing what this programme can do to us :)

  • 16K in one and a half hours - brilliant

  • Nice one!

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