Week 6, run 1 - biggest challenge so far!

Just back from this run, found it hard! Expected this from advice on here but changed route to include a hill which made my legs ache! Also after 4 minutes running on the 8 minute part a dog came running out of a garden barking at me! Ended up stopping for about a minute (paused the run) to calm down! Had to add extra minute to the last walk as the hill was too much too! Added an extra 90secinds running to end of last run to make up for it but all in all not my most successful run!


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8 Replies

  • You managed it though and it's not your fault somebody's dog dashed out and caused you to pause. Would advise sticking to a flat route if you can because this week is tough - as you've discovered so the easier you can make it for yourself the better. Good luck for the rest of this week. Best wishes.

  • Thank you! That's what I'll do, stick to my usual route that was just a bit too much of a challenge today. I still did it though I am consoling myself with that :-)

  • yes a flat route sound like a good plan! i've hardly done any hills yet! good luck for this week :)

  • But you did it!! That's the main thing. Well done

  • Think I'm going out Friday then again Sunday, eek!

    Enjoy the 5k!

  • I found this run hard too, and a real effort.....more aches and twinges than any other post run period. Have decided to add an extra day in between this and run 2 week 6 to compensate....and hope that tomorrow will feel less heavyweight. Good luck to you. And as for dogs....it drives me mad how their owners think itsokay for them to run up to you and put you off when you are concentrating so hard to keep going! I build in an elaborate detour in order to avoid 3 large, loose, aggressive looking dogs the other day....annoying!

  • Some runs don't always go to plan - but you kept going & that's the important thing. Keep doing what you're doing. You're edging closer to graduation all the time :)

  • You finished it and that's the important bit. There are good days and not so good days. I have just finished run 2 in week 6 and have found this week harder than I expected... We are getting pushed now and its a great feeling to,finish - whether a dog stopped us for a minute or if a hill was a bit too much... You've only been doing this 5.5 weeks - be proud of yourself!

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