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Plan C: Week Two Run Two - Finally, a Plan!

Good morning to you all, dearest C25Kers.

Happy birthday to Aussie. I won't sing this time, honest. :D

After having my somewhat tumultuous day on Sunday trying to fathom what the hell I'm going to do regarding a running plan after C25K, I finally have it sorted - with thanks to everyone here who helped and advised, and to those who gave encouragement. I opted for Plan C and that is what I've come to know it as. It is now officially called Plan C. It's basically this: but adapted a little to suit me. As my HM isn't while February I can extend it and adjust it as I go. It'll be fully dynamic and this isn't the fully finished article, merely an outline but the first seven weeks at least are pretty much how I'll do it. When the plan goes into training five days a week, (!) I'll start running to work; I'll have to really. I'll deal with that when I get there.

I'm starting the plan from W3R2, however, it becomes my Plan C W1R2. It's still a 20-weeker (I've extended it already, see) but instead of starting it from week one, I chose week three, but named it week one, for my own reference, to minimise confusion, which causes more confusion, but never mind. Basic outline below. I'll take each run as I get to it; every four weeks or so I'll reduce it a bit for a bit of recovery time; again, this is a very basic outline, written last night when I was tired. Thoughts and input and advice always welcome. :-)

I can't do neat little graphs and tables, so my apologies in advance for the shoddery of the following.

Week One:

R1 (Mon) R2 (Wed) R3 (Fri; long run) R4 (Sat)

4 miles 4 miles 5 miles Parkrun

Week Two:

4 miles 4 miles 5 miles Parkrun

Week Three:

5 miles 5 miles 6 miles Parkrun

Week Four:

5 miles 5 miles 6 miles Parkrun

Week Five:

Mon TUE Wed Fri Sat

3 miles 5 miles 3 miles 7 miles Parkrun

Week Six:

3 miles 5 miles 3 miles 7 miles Parkrun

Week Seven:

4 miles 5 miles 4 miles 8 miles Parkrun

Week Eight:

4 miles 5 miles 4 miles 8 miles Parkrun

Week Nine:

4 miles 6 miles 4 miles 9 miles Parkrun

Week Ten:

4 miles 6 miles 4 miles 9 miles Parkrun

Week Eleven:

5 miles 6 miles 5 miles 10 miles Parkrun

Week Twelve:

5 miles 6 miles 5 miles 10 miles Parkrun

Week Thirteen:

5 miles 6 miles 5 miles 11 miles Parkrun

Week Fourteen:

5 miles 6 miles 5 miles 11 miles Parkrun

Week Fifteen:

5 miles 6 miles 5 miles 11 miles Parkrun

Week Sixteen:

5 miles 6 miles 5 miles 11 miles Parkrun

Week Seventeen:

5 miles 6 miles 5 miles 12 miles Parkrun

Week Eighteen:

5 miles 7 miles 5 miles 12 miles Parkrun

Week Nineteen:

5 miles 7 miles 5 miles 12 miles Parkrun

Week Twenty:

6 miles 8 miles 5 miles 13 miles Parkrun

^^^^ It's a horribly messy layout, I know and again, I apologise. One run will be an 'easy' run, one long at a steady pace, one a tempo run and one at a quicker pace. That should cover the 10Ks nicely and lead into winter, where I'll extend the plan ready for the HM in February. As I say, it's all a work in progress and I can change it at any time; no point slavishly adhering to something if it's not working, or it could be done more effectively in a different way. The Parkruns can be swapped for an 'easy' two-miler or can be taken entirely as rest, depending on how I feel.

Right then, so onto this morning. I woke up at 0329 feeling really excited about starting this; I've found something I really like and want to do, since completing C25K. After the alarm goes off I do some leg stretches in bed and then it's up and breakfast time. The usual pre-run feast today; after that and getting changed into my running gear, we're good to go.

It's very warm out, already. A nice morning though, despite that. I could do with some rain, I think, but ah well, we'll make do with what we've got. I set off on the 7 minute warm-up walk, at a nicely embriskened pace, taking deep breaths, ready for the run ahead. This is Run Two, so is four miles long; a quick calculation ascertains that it's just over 6.5K. Miss Garmin is set to KM and I could rejig her to tell me everything in miles,. but I stick with KM. I'll do 6.5K and that's it for today, as per the plan. I'll try a few bursts of speed as well, depending on how I'm feeling.

Seven minutes up and we're off with a nice smooth, positive take-off. The run starts on a bit of an uphill slope but that's bad planning on my part, though nothing to worry about. A few minutes in and I'm feeling the warmth already. I was hoping there at least would have been a downpour overnight so that I could tip water on me from overhanging trees, in a Runner56 stylee, but no such luck today. I want to tell you what songs came on my playlist today but I really, for the life of me, can't remember. At all.

On I go at a steady pace; time to turn left and run up a big, long steady hill. Not severe but does go on a bit. Breathing's a bit out, but I've experienced far worse so I won't worry too much about that just yet. Ah, I remember a song: Coming Home by P Diddy. He's coming home, doncha know and he wants to tell the world. I'm glad I remembered at least one song!

I get to the top of the hill and turn right. Immediately taking a great big glug of water and pouring some over myself. It's immediately refreshing. I don't mind who sees me do this now; I was concious of it at first but now I'm not. It's tiring stuff, running, and heats us quickly; this is one way of dealing with it. I up the pace a little; I was planning on anyway but I'm going through an area with lots of bars, pubs and clubs now and for some reason, everyone seems to be leaving them now. Muggles. Drunken muggles. That's reason enough to add a bit of tempo to things. I throttle forward and speed past them; none of them seem to be bothered by my presence. Thankfully. It's an odd mix: drunken muggles, commuters and brightly-clad runners, but we all coexist rather well today.

Then I see it. That's exactly when I see it. Part of me wishes I hadn't. But I have. It's an advertising poster. One I've not seen before, for this: Not heard of this before. The 10K Run in the Park, at the park where my nearest Parkrun is held. Sunday the 13th July. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Shall I? I run past the hoarding, mulling this over. I continue mulling as I descend a hill. Then I see another hoarding reminding me of it. As if I need reminding.

Now, it's in just over a month. Plan C tells me that the long run of that week should be seven miles in total. I should be okay to do it. I'd planned my first 10K, the BUPA Great Yorkshire Run, which is at the end of September: looooads of time to prepare and be ready, but this one is next month, and to make matters worse, it starts at 1100. In the middle of July - eleven in the morning. Part of me wants to do it but the other wonders if it's too soon. What say you?

On I go, still mulling this over, which is probably why I can only remember one song from the entire run. The rest of the run goes without incident but after putting a bit of speedwork in, I feel shattered about ten minutes from the end so slow it down a bit. On I go, with another drenching of water over me. Absolutely nothing else of note happens and soon enough I reach the desired 6.5K, so go back to my embriskened walking. The run took 32.15 and I covered 4.07 miles. Just over 6.5K. It was tiring toward the end, but I do recover quickly, which is a good sign.

This was a first for me, as for the first time since I started running, the distance works out perfectly; with the two lots of 7 minutes of warm/cool brisk walking and the run, it gets me back home nicely, which is a pleasant surprise. That's never happened before!

And there we are; that's today's run done. Thanks for reading. Very happy running, everyone, and resting too, if that's the plan for today.

Onward, always. :-)

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Well, that is certainly some plan, and should see you through to building up to HM distance in the timescale you are aiming for. 3 quick thoughts:

a) Usually the day after a long run is an easy run - knowing you and your ultra-fast running you'll be sprinting round your parkrun. But I did see that you will be flexible about this and do "an easy 2 miles" if you feel the need. Perhaps alternate between parkrun and "easy" so you don't aim for a pb every week?

b) Just wondering if you will want to mix up your running during the week a bit. Just little tweeks, like running at an "easy" pace and sticking shorter or longer "fast" bits in. (Endomondo has done that for me on the plan I'm doing to get somewhere near my 5k pb at a parkrun in July).

c) If you do the 10k in July as a charity, fund raising run then why not? It's "only" just over 6 miles so you know you'll be able to do it according to the mileage you're doing. But you may be advised (and others can do this better than me) to plan in a bit of "tapering" and "recovery" before and after - as in make some of the runs during the week before and the week after shorter and deliberately at an "easy" pace (I know, I know, "easy" kills you, but I think there's a knack to it and you'll get it, especially if you keep running in warm weather). Oh and running in July at 11 in the morning? You are in Britain aren't you? Chances are it could be 12 degrees and tipping it down, just be prepared for anything and take it EASY if it's warm.

Hope your plan helps you keep enjoying your running!


Hi RNB. :-)

Thank you so much for your thoughts. Yes, inflexibility is no good with anything like this, is it? Each and every run depends on how I feel at that time. If I wake up and think "there's no bloody way I can run xx miles today", I won't and will either rest or take an easy run. Your idea about alternating Parkruns with 'easy' two-milers is excellent and that's precisely what I shall do, thank you. I'll alter the plan when I get in tonight. Brilliant thinking. This is what I love about this community and everyone here. :-)

The runs do need to be mixed-up a bit, I fully agree; it'll help massively with my progress. I'll incorporate that into the plan too.

Yes, you're right: it'll probably be pouring in July! Sod it, I'll sign-up later and take it easy (genuinely!) on the day. It'll be a good experience and I'll enjoy it. I will taper before and after - it's very good common sense advice is that, thank you. Thanks hugely for your ideas, I really do appreciate it. :-)


Wow M_Y, that's some plan! AND and new word -embriskened- I love it :)

Love that you sound so enthusiastic again after your angst post the other day. The plan looks outrageous to me, far far too tough, but I'm not you, my turbo-charged-running-machine friend, and if anyone can do it, you can. So run on and enjoy every minute of it. Now get that CRM down your neck, you deserve it :)


Yes, GM, back to business as usual now! I realise the plan seems preposterous (did chuckle at 'outrageous'!) but intend on doing what my body seems to think is best; I won' the press on regardless if I struggle. I'm actually going to enlist the help of a personal trainer who specialises in running; I know of one near me.

The CRM was truly delicious this morning! :-)


Literally gonna have to look at your plan another 5 times to make sense of it (I blame formatting, of course) but good on getting it nailed down!

My legs do hurt just looking at it though :D

And do the 10k! Just take it easy! DO IT DO IT DO IT!!!


The formatting is terrible! :D neat little charts were never my ability!

I'm going to do the 10K,I've decided. I'll sign-up later; I can always take it steady. It'd be silly not to when it's not far from me. A bit of tapering and it should be fine. :-)


Hohoho ! Why are you asking us about the running in the park 10k ? I get the feeling that there is no way you can resist giving it a go !!


Tee hee! As soon as I saw the poster I knew I'd be doing it. How could I not, it's just up the road, and it fits in nicely with the long run of the week. Well it's done now, I've signed-up! It makes sense to do it; Friday's long run I'll just switch to the Sunday, but I'll taper before/after too to try and avoid an overtraining mishap. I'm doing it! Next month! So excited!


Your local footy club (you have two notable ones near you I understand!) might offer run coaching. It's something that footy clubs are starting to do as part of their remit to work with the community. Might be cheaper than a PT. Just a thought



Weeks 13, 14, 15, 16 .... are they just there as a disguise for "Freestyle" .... ??? Four the same .... a slip of the mouse maybe! Or perhaps i read it wrong as my eyes were going blurry by that point just imagining the dedication and tenacity required ....

I do however have every confidence you'll literally take it all in your stride M_Y and have the sense to back off and take a breather if you feel you've pushed too far too fast at any point! It's all very exciting and inspiring too for little newbies like me ... life after C25K looks pretty full of running possibilities for everyone!

RNB is probably quite right with the UK in July weather forecast - you'll be hoping for rain, your neighbours will be hoping for shine for their w/e BBQ - who is most likely to have their wish granted? Perfect that you saw the poster .... it's eXactly what you need - is that park the hilliest one? So, will you be ParkRunning for the first time this coming weekend to start getting into the groove? I've got a bit behind on news ....

Anyway, as always, Cool Runnings to you and keep on astounding us with your super stats and huge enthusiasms!!! :-)


BP! :-) Nice to see you again!

Ah yes, they could be; it was written in a rush and I did retype weeks through tiredness but I did keep a couple of weeks the same toward the plan. The 20 weeker I adapted it from tapered off at the end, but of course, my HM is several months later so I just kept the big runs up. However, I'll do some tapering each month to avoid burnout and overtraining. With a plan like that, it needs it I think. I'll have a proper rewrite (and format!) over the weekend. Hopefully!

Yeah, I won't carry on regardless. (My fave Carry On film, BTW!) If I think I've done too much or I struggle, I'll back off.

I could not believe it when I saw the poster! It's done now, I've signed-up. :-) It's just over a month away; I can't wait! Yes, it's the hilly one but I don't think it's too bad. I am indeed Parkrunning this weekend and it'll be the excellent recce opportunity. I will, of course, write a full report afterwards.

On the entry to the race I put NHS C25K down as my running club. :-) oh,and I hope it'll be nicely raining on race day! :D

Thank you; I just hope it shows those new and unsure just what can be achieved and what C25K can do. :-)

Thanks again, BP and to you cool runnings, always. :-) Hope your runs are coming on nicely! :-)


Aww thanks M_Y, always a pleasure to see you too :-)

You're going to have SUCH fun with this training ... plotting new routes, not allowing yourself to go TOO fast TOO often, the cross-training, the PT ..... phew it's a WHOLE NEW LIFE and it's looking GOOD!!!

That first 10k race, you're all over it's gearbox already. Love your choice of running club too!!!

It'll be great to start with your Parkruns now tho, getting into that groove, familiarize yourself with daylight running in amongst crowds of other folk ...

Yes, you are inspirational, as are plenty of others writing on here, it's just brilliant to read about the exploits of The Grads! That elite (and ever-expanding) group who once were ordinary folk but now are transformed by their new superpower/passion! Looking forward to your write-up on your first parkrun already!!!

Onwards, M_Y and Cool Runnings always :-)

ps. yep, still loving it thanks, shuffjoggling along ... W7R3 done this eve ...... that second non-running day worked like magic!


Why, thank you, BP! :-)

Yes, I am very much looking forward to the plan. It will be very hard work and tough through winter especially, but worth it. It is entirely a whole new life; just over three months ago just 5K of running seemed insane, let alone anything else but it's shown me just how achievable things can be when we put our minds to it. What seemed impossible really isn't!

I can hardly believe I have a 10K in just over a month; really looking forward to it. The Parkrun should be fun as well. I won't bother with music for it; I might avoid it for races as I'd like to interact with those around me and not shut myself off. It'll be good to chat to others at the Parkrun, though I'm really not used to talking with others as I run!

You too will be amongst the ranks of the Graduate, and will be having your own post-grad adventures, fear not! :-) Looking forward to hearing all about them!

How did W7R3 go? Bet you're amazed at how fast the time is going! Glad your extra day of rest helped!

Cool runnings to you, always, my dear BP. :-)


A few things:

1) Thanks for the birthday shout out... I can't wait to play with the 620.. :)

2) Go for it on the 10K - it lines up with the 6 mile run you want to do anyway

3) That's a hell of a plan, but then again 13.1 miles is a hell of a distance..

4) You can mix it up as you go along and listen to what your body is saying regards progress

5) I can't wait to hear more!

Well done M_Y and happy running!


Thank you, Aussie! :-) I hope the 620 is impressing you!

Gone for it; I'm now signed-up. Woop! I just hope it's raining on the day! :D Why can't they hold these damn things at four in the morning?! :D

Yes, it's a big plan but I do need to get up to HM distance which is some run, as you say. I will be providing regular updates, of course.

Yes, I'll listen to what my body tells me and keep mixing things up.

Thanks again for your support and encouragement. :-)


Wow Miles - That is some plan.

Its amazing to see how you have progressed since graduation and I will continue to read your posts eagerly to monitor your progress.

All the best with your running


Thank you, my dear Redskins! :-) How's your running going, sir? All well, I hope?


Thank you, Kitty! :-)

The race is all go; I've signed-up! Really can't wait!

Yes, there are nerves there; there are nerves about the Parkrun too, for some reason but I'm sure I'll be fine once I'm there. I'll have a good recce of the park on Saturday when I do the Parkrun; watch it seem mountainous!

Thank you; I did enjoy it earlier; I like having a good plan to follow, I feel lost without one!


You got your garmin then aussie! Great stuff!

I will have to learn how to use the connect thing properly. Us garmin users here can all connect up I assume ???


Yep - we can even setup a little private group of C25K gremlin users and keep an eye on each other's progress... failing that, you can post links to your workouts I think... not sure how the privacy settings work yet as not sure everyone wants the world to see where the front door is... :) I'll look into it more as I play... :)


Yeah, that's the issue, isn't it? You lot I don't mind seeing my running adventures, but it's the rest of the world! :-) You can set it to be viewable to everyone, or just friends, but I haven't added anyone yet. We'll have to get our own little group going; I'll join! I'll stick my Parkrun Garmin link up in my write-up of it though; I don't mind the world seeing that. :-)


Just been reading your plan MY and think you could insert some quick runs in there. Out and back runs door to door in no more than 20 minutes are good. 15 minutes runs in a chosen loop are good too as you can measure improvement. It's not all about mileage and one longer run a week should be fine.

Your plan has to be flexible to allow for times when you are unfit or too busy, which does happen from time to time


Thank you, MissW. That is an excellent idea. I could do a few of those - alternate the Parkruns with them, perhaps. It would do wonders, I think, a quick burst of energy like that, as opposed to one long slog after another. A 15/20 minute loop can be easily sorted.

Definitely - if I wake up with an eight-miler planned but don't feel up to it, I'll rejig a bit. I won't rigidly adhere to it, it's fully workable. Better to do a shorter 'easy' run than the scheduled long run and hate every second and/or injure myself.

I'll do a proper, full rewrite at the weekend but even then it will be fully flexible.

And another great idea: the football clubs. I'll have a look at both to see if they do anything. I'm nearer the 'red club' but the blue one is fine. Their academies are conveniently located too. There is also Rotherham United which is another option. I'll do some research later on.

Thanks again for your invaluable ideas, MissW. :-)


Our footy club has one and I notice the coach is advertising three teaching sessions on health, nutrition etc etc, and they are organising a run/walk which I might sign up for as it's all for charity


Definitely! I'll do some research now - thanks for reminding me. Be great if they did; not being affiliated with either club, I could happily go with either with no moral issues at all! :D


Mine is Carry on up the Kyhber!


Mine is Carry On, Follow that Camel :-) xxx


Carry On Dick and Carry On Don't Lose Your Head are both faves of mine too - I really like Carry On Up the Khyber too!

Don't Lose Your Head:




"Don't be ridiculous, I've only had a few!" :D


Yes, yes, do the 10k! Why not! One of the great joys of your natural speediness is that you'll be all finished and have done your warm-down and be sipping your CRM in well under the hour, and in the grand scheme of things that's not a very long time to be running.

I think RNB has some very good advice there generally especially concerning the long runs and easy runs - also I have seen plans where they build in a mid-plan taper or recovery week, where you cut down your mileage quite a lot - they are supposed to help your body recover and consolidate.

Exciting times ahead!


Thank you, Turbo! :-)

Yes, it's not that bad, even if it's hot. I can just take it steady; it was madness to even consider not doing it! I'm duly signed-up and looking forward to it! :-) Be good to finally get my first race out of the way.

Yes, I think, to be fair, I could cut one of the five runs down to, as MissW suggested, a quick twenty-minute loop. I will factor in tapering weeks too, one every month or so where I reduce my mileage a bit. Makes sense really as going full throttle all the time is asking for trouble.

Very exciting times; I absolutely love running! C25K really is brilliant, isn't it? It really should be more publicised than it is.


Bloody hell MY. That is a plan and a half. I wish you all the very best with it. I would have a slight concern about a parkrun after your friday run. Hope you dont over do it and pick up an injury.

You strike me as a very committed person so I have no doubt you will see this through. And I doff my cap to all and sundry who run for charity.

Good luck and as always, keep us posted on your progress


Runner, some may think I want committing after throwing such a plan together! :D It will be very tough and really hard work and a huge learning curve, but I'm looking forward to it.

You're right; the Parkrun may well be a bit much after a long Friday run, especially when the miles start going up, so it may 'just' be a couple of miles easy, or cross-training in the gym. I'll see how I feel at the time. The Friday run this week is five miles and I aim to do a Parkrun the day after; I'll treat it with caution. Any niggles or anything afterwards and I'll tone it down for a while.

Thanks again, Runner. I'll think of you now whenever I see overhanging trees brimming with water! :D


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