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My 10 week run/walk HM plan


I have settled upon a run/walk plan for the Sunshine Coast HM on 30 August

I used a Galloway plan to do the 14 Klm Sydney City to Surf around this time last year - using a 2/1 ratio. I modified the actual plan and race by running down all hills - but this run is fairly flat, so I will stick to the run/walk ratio for the duration of the race.

This plan ( not from Galloway) starts out at 2/1 for the first 5 weeks and then goes to 3/1 - it starts out at 20 klm during the first week ( I had actually been doing more than this but right now this starting volume suits me as I haven't run much lately and am feeling a bit "underdone" :) . It has me doing 35 klms in the final weeks before the race (minus 2 weeks for a taper)

No tempo runs - no fast intervals, etc ----- just sufficient miles of run/walk to get me across the finish line within the cutoff time. I managed the 14 K last year at 7:30 mins per K - so if I can maintain that pace over 21 klms (after 12 months of running), I will be happy -- 7:00 mins per K would delight me!! :)

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Go Bazza! Sounds like a great challenge.


Oh that sounds brilliant Bazza ! Oh I do like a good plan ....

Yep , sounds very do-able too . Let us know how youre going on ! :-) xxx


That sounds great Bazza. I hope you'll enjoy the training, and look forward to follow you on the journey. Good luck! :)


I forgot to mention -- when I was training for that 14K run last year using run/walk, I became aware that my ability to run non-stop lessened . It seemed to me that the two types of running were incompatible. So this time, I will do run/walk 3 times per week , but the 4th run with be an " as fast as I can go" non-stop Parkrun.


Sounds good Bazza. All the best.


I like that plan! And I have a feeling you'll get very close to the 7 min pace :) !

Enjoy the training!

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