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Week 1 run 2 - Tick

Well after saying it out loud that I was going to start training for a half marathon I've done the first 2 runs and it's been a very smiley week :) :) :)

Run 1 was completed with my running club and as it was my first week back with them post illness I didn't feel up for the 5 mile time trail so opted to go with an earlier group. We covered of 3 miles (which was what my plan said to do!) in around the time they suggested. As I was at the front of the group....this makes a big change for me!...I didn't pay much attention to the time and won't in future weeks as we are running in a group.

Run 2 just finished was a only a couple of miles (I love that I can say only a couple of miles....this time last year I would have been going 'I can't run that far EVER!!'). It was a fab run, one of those that reminds you why you go out there in the first place. Loved it...Did it in 22 mins but whilst running it certainly felt like I was going faster and it didn't ever feel like I was shuffling along...whoooopppp...that includes the first mile going up the long incline!!!

Going to do the parkrun on Saturday (this is an extra run to the plan I'm following but want to keep doing these) and then on Sunday...providing we don't have snow....going to head out for 6 miles..can't wait!!!

The only trauma I have at the moment is my washing machine broke on Christmas eve so having to go to my sisters to get the laundry done....fine in principle but when you want to run more than a couple of times a week it has meant that I had too (note that it was HAD TOO) go shopping for some new running gear as can't be turning up every other day (well I don't have time to do that either). Hopefully things will return to normal in the next week or so!

Right of to get my dinner...HAPPY RUNNING everyone :) :) :) :)

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Glad this week has went well, Ali! I completely understand about the shopping trip...we never want to go buy new running stuff, just darn things like broken washing machines make us do it! ;-) Both runs sound fab and I am happy your decision to do a HM is working in your favor. Enjoy the parkrun and the 6 miler (WOW!) :-) Hopefully, no snow!!!! Gayle


That sounds like a great start! :) :) :) On my bupa training plan week1 run 3 is only 3 miles!! You must be following a super-duper-runner one ;) I haven't even started. Bad back. Very boring :(

Good luck with the washing machine; Christmas Eve..that's bad timing.



It's not super duper's for slowest like me...plan is aimed at getting you round in 2 hr 30 mins...I would like to do it a little faster (what's new there) so am going to try and do an extra run some weeks but will depend on life getting in he way or not.

Sorry to hear about your back...hope it's ok soon. Have you seen an osteopath...I found they really helped me when I had problems a number of years ago.


You are off to a wonderful start, Ali!!!! Hmmmm, some people would buy a new washing machine...a runner buys more cloths!!! ;-)

Keep Running!! :-)



Way to go Ali!! :)

There is a strong chance of some snow this weekend down our way so that will be an experience...... :O Hope you do manage to get out for the 6 miler though......

Best of luck!



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