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Experimental evening run

I work half time in the mornings, so my usual running time is early afternoon. However summer has arrived here (SE France) in style, with afternoon temperatures in the high 30s, so daytime running is clearly out for now. Not being a morning person, I decided to give the evening a go.

By 9pm, the temperature had dropped, and the wind had got up. I had hoped for a few drops of rain, as we often get an evening storm when its been hot, but it was not to be. I decided not to use my usual park route for two reasons: safety and MOZZIES. This meant running on the pavement/cycle-lane by our main road. I also decided not to listen to anything, so as to be aware of traffic.

I took things extremely slowly as it was still pretty warm. I also used my corrective insoles in addition to my shoes standard insoles (rather than instead) to provide an extra layer of cushioning for my joints. This required some faffing with my laces, so as not to squash my toes, but worked well !

I did find myself inhaling more dust than usual. Had to stop and lean against a tree due to a coughing fit at one point. Didn't want to carry water, but the next time I will stick some mints in my pocket to counter the dryness from the dust. There was a lot less traffic than I had expected, so next time, might risk listening to music in one ear. Met a few doggy-walkers who were all nice and smiley. I did get a stitch. I suspect that this was because I hadn't left long enough after my evening meal - but I wanted to get home before it got properly dark... MIght not worry about this so much next time. I did take a phone with me in case I needed to call for help.

So, overall it was a success, and definately better than not going for a run at all.

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Sounds like a good run- how can you do it without water! I'm usually gasping after a couple of kms, must be my bad breathing technique. Good that you managed a run in the evening though, as you say, better than no run. I may try that myself later x


Mints to stop my mouth going dry. Also I did drink a lot in the afternoon to be sure to be well hydrated.


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