Warm and sunny evening run

It's been an exhausting day at work today, coming on the back of an emotionally draining few days, so I nearly fell asleep on the bus this evening. Fortunately I realised in time where we were and managed to wake up enough to get off at the right stop, and got myself home safely. The urge to collapse on the settee was almost overwhelming - almost! - but I'm only just getting back to running regularly and knew that it was important to go straight out as soon as I could. So I did.

Oh my word, the idea of 22 mins was too much to cope with. Cecil, my pet gremlin, has realised that I'm running again, so has sprung back into action whispering all those negative thoughts in my ears. Anyway, full of doubts and negativity, off I went. I realised very quickly I was going a bit faster than normal, as the first running track on the podcast was slower than my pace, although recently it's been somewhere between quick and just right! But I felt comfortable-ish(!), so decided not to worry about it and just see how it went.

Since it was such a lovely bright evening, I decided to head up the lane to the main road. - a very simple route in most ways, but with a hill for the first couple of minutes. But I plodded away, resisting the urge to walk so early, and found myself at the top before I'd quite expected. Then the road sign at the edge of the village just as I'd done five minutes. Yay! The road levels here, so it's a good chance to recover and then enjoy the very slight downward slope to the main road.

The end of the lane came along a bit before half time, but I didn't feel like crossing over the road and going down the bridle path just for a minute or so, so I turned round and headed back up. I do like this bit - even though it definitely is a slight incline, it somehow doesn't feel like it when I'm running! That got me past half time in the podcast, then back along the level and down the steeper bit. Five minutes to go, says Laura, so I know that's six for me, but I can do this. The downhill is a nice chance to recover a bit, before turning round and heading back up the hill for a punishing, tough, but oh-so-rewarding finish!

Edge of the village, so turn around and head back up, wondering how far up the steep bit I'll have to get before I can turn around... about two thirds, it turns out, before Laura calls time and I can go back down for my last sixty seconds. Hot, tired, exhausted, but so pleased and knowing nothing's going to stop me at this point!

Yessssss, made it! Got home and checked my stats - it was indeed quicker, despite the heat and the tired! Go me! 😊


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  • Very inspirational! I am contemplating my first evening run tomorrow...

    Well done for getting out there.

  • Go you indeed - well done!

  • Well done.. well run, sweetie :) Aren't those downward slopes oh so welcome.... ? Cecil... well, you showed him.... we have to report him to mfamilias 's gremlin, Gary... as being an ineffectual wimp!

    Go you.. and sleep well x

  • I really did sleep well. And will again tonight! Just so tired! And yes, Cecil tries his gremlin-y best, but I'm pretty good at letting him just grumble on while I get on with it... ;)

  • Best way.. they hate being ignored :) x

  • Go you indeed!

  • Well done for getting out there after a hard day's work πŸ‘ Felt like I could picture your run!

  • Wow. You should be really pleased with yourself πŸ˜€

    Maybe my next tough thing to tackle should be an uphill finish...?

  • There's something really rewarding about doing an uphill in the last few minutes - and oh boy did the last minute of downhill feel amazing!!! I'm still not sure why I kept on going up even after I'd planned on turning round. 'I just want to get to x breaths, or that bit of shadow. Ooh, I can get to that tree...' But I'm so proud of myself for managing the big hill twice (Ok, once and a half!) :D

  • Sounds gorgeous! Go you πŸƒπŸƒπŸƒ

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