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Week 7 - sitrep

So, I've managed to complete week 7 R1, and it was really hard, but I'm so pleased I was able to do it! I am continually amazed at what we're all able to achieve in this program, and even more awed with the superb support given to all who need it, which I've personally benefited from in earlier weeks. I think it's true that I wouldn't have even left the front door without some of the sound, sensible and supportive advice I was given in the early weeks.

Since I started, I'm fitter, happier, healthier, slimmer (ish). My Dr has asked for flyers for the Surgery, my lovely wife has also started the program, the kids are very nearly impressed! The local kids wave and smile instead of giggle, and Laura called me a 'runner'!

I do have a new selection of aches and pains, but they're o.k.. - a happy trade

Good luck to all the other week 7'ers out there and to all C25K'ers as well. The program seems hard at times, but just looking at how far you've come (!), helps.

- sorry for the ramble :)

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What a great post. So glad you and yours are enjoying this great programme. Good luck with the rest of w7


You sound so happy, what a lovely post. Careful, I think you're becoming addicted! x


Lovely post- its very addictive isn't it ? Good luck for R2 :-) xxx


Hi, very nice post! I agree 100% with you, I´m doing W6, and I´m very happy too with the program and with all the support we have in this foro. Good luck!


Brilliant!!! Addict!!! Nice work!!!

The people on here are amazing, aren't they! You guys sound like you're having an absolute ball with C25K - if something isn't twinging or creaking on me at the mo i think there must be something wrong!!! Like you say, that's a fair trade for the upbeat mood, energy boost, little bit of body trimming, increased consumption of water, reduced consumption of bread ( i do LOVE bread tho ....) and dizzy confusion of being able to run for 20 something mins (hopefully 25 by this eve in my case - already 27 or 28 or some other incredible number in yours!)

Cool Runnings to you all :-)


Well done, Nick. Love the bit about your children being very nearly impressed ;) I'm starting w7 tomorrow so I'm hoping to follow you and complete it ;)


Well done Nick,

Done run 2 of week 7 this morning, so we are at the same level.

Yes, aches and pains are also there.

No kids to impress, just a dog... problem is now he thinks every outing should be a running one! Oh, the pityful looks he gives me when we don't.....


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