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Week 7 done,roll on week 8 !

Finished week 7 today on a high .New decent running shoes,absolutely no pain at all,started on my normal speed,then a bit faster and finished the last 10 mns even faster! could have run longer but sticking with program,cant wait to move on to next week!

As ive done it twice already this week ,went on with my on music but funny how you tend to go with the beat of the music lol ! , will have to download the right tunes for the future! ;-)

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Well done you! Not too long to go to graduation now :) Must say, my running shoes were my best ever investment, feet and knee pain ceased almost the minute I started wearing them! Also using my own music for the last few weeks... Got bored with Laura's choice, so have put together mixture of tempos and styles... Great not knowing what's coming next - seems to keep me more alert. Lots of success for the runs ahead ... Have you plans for post grad times? Cheers Linda :D


I just feel on top of the world today! lol I found a podcast 5 to 10 k , its called b210k, bit the same as C25K but not with laura ;-)! so may be 2 weeks first of 30 mns runs then move on to this! :-)


Wow well done!! I'm looking forward to W7 run 2 tomorrow, week run definitely felt better, I actually didn't think I was going to collapse and felt I control. I too thinking about a new route but we have so many big hills!! I'm so bored of the music too so will try and do something!! You are doing so well it's a great feeling, good luck with the rest and the new podcast, let us know how good it is?? Julia


Yay, hope to be joining you at this stage today! What shoes did you buy? I think I need new shoes but worried about breaking in a new pair as I have had my current ones for a couple of years (not been well used until now!)

Reply ,sports direct are doing half price on many shoes, I think the gel padding makes a lot of difference! I want more shoes! ;-)


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