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Starting week 7 in the rain

I ran the first run of week 7 today. It was raining lightly and everything reminded me of new growth. That also meant that the dirt paths in the cemetery (which is a prime running spot in my city) gave me a little more resistance while running, but one can't have it all.

I tried to remember how it felt last time, and concentrated on going slow. The run felt pretty much the same as last time. I was perhaps more relaxed than last time though, I didn't feel as unsure of my own ability to complete it as I did in week 6, run 3. I even spoke to some of the birds I saw while running to check my pace, and it seemed fairly conversational, if only a little breathless.

With three minutes left, I got a bit of a stitch in my right side and my right leg went a little numb again. I read somewhere that the numbness could be a pinched nerve, so I'm going to start up with some yoga again and see it if helps. Has anyone else experienced the numbness in a leg while running?

To be honest, I'm looking forward to the rest of the runs in week 7. But, it feels a little weird knowing that I'll be running the same run, so to speak, for four runs (if we're including week 6, run 3). Has that ever happened before in the program? Maybe it has and I've just forgotten about it.

Another thing I've noticed is that I feel like the time goes by much faster now than it did in the first weeks of running. It's the same amount of time, but it feels much shorter. Maybe that's just me.

That's enough rambling from me tonight, hope you all have great and happy runs!

I've included a picture of the beautiful tree I see on my runs that always makes me happy.


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Well done Nene. What a great post. Sounds like your really starting to settle into your runs. Can't wait to feel that. :)

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Thank you! Yes, it was a strange and wonderful feeling. One I didn't think I would have at the start of the program.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you, and hope you'll feel like that, or better, soon!


Thanks Nene. Keep posting, it's really encouraging and really enjoy reading them. :)

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I shall do my very best on continuing posting, and thank you for saying that, it really warms my heart.


Well done. You’re a couple of runs ahead of me so I’m looking out for your posts to see what I’ve got in store! Sounds like you’ve got it all under control though. I hope your pain improves and yoga sounds like a good idea.

Runs are definitely seem quicker. It used to feel like an age before that half time bell rang but now I’m surprised to hear it!

Beautiful photo. I ran amongst bluebells tonight, such a pretty time of year.

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Thank you!

Well, I wouldn't go so far as to say I have everything under control, but it seems like the pieces are coming together more and more at least =).

Yes, I really like that I've seen the progression of spring in a new way than I'm used to. Running past trees that were barren a couple of months ago get buds and then blossoms is a treat indeed.

Oh, bluebells are wonderful! We don't get too many of them here, but we have daffodils, tulips, wood anemones, as well as magnolia and cherry trees blossoming here right now.

Thank you for your input and good luck on your runs!

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Well done, l completed wk7r3 this morning. This week has been tough, although, like you, l find it is not quite as hard as expected. I have really sorted my breathing, but have no idea how l will add extra minutes on next week!! But, then again have thought that every week! We're so nearly there!

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Thank you, and well done to you as well!

I fully agree with you, I'm okay with these runs (some runs feel better than others, but that's just how it goes) but I also feel like I'm spent after 25 minutes, how will we manage more running time? But when the time comes we just do. It really is amazing how far we've come.

Happy running and thank you for sharing!


Just done my 1st 25 min run today week 6 run 3 so I was interested to see how week 7 felt for you. I do and it hard but then I have very time it goes up a notch but you just have to keep going don't you? I'm hoping that next week I won't feel as nervous about it as I did today.

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Good job on that run! I was apprehensive about that as well before I ran it.

Yes, it's different now, when you know there will be no change in the running routine for a few runs. They still won't feel the same, even if you'll be running for the same amount of time, because how you feel from day to day can affect that.

But, for me, at least, it helps to remind myself that no two runs are the same, but all runs you do, work towards getting you a better stamina. No matter how slow you run.

Hope you'll be able to relax on the upcoming runs and feel less nervous.

Happy running!


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