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I did it! I ran 25 straight minutes and it was a breeze. I thoroughly enjoyed this run, more so than the 20 minute run of week 5. I'm a few hours away from starting my last night shift, I'm packing in between and cleaning the house ready for our trip tomorrow and finishing week 6 has just made me more excited for what's to come. I have every intention of running whilst out in Dublin! I have 3 runs planned whilst in Dublin so I'll have finished week 7 by the time I return next week.

I'm over the moon that I've managed to achieve so much in 6 weeks and I've noticed a massive improvement in my abilities, stamina and just general attitude towards a sport. Running is definitely for me and I know, in 3 weeks when I finish I'll just want to continue on and keep improving. I'm delighted with my progress and I'm so ready for week 7.

Today was even better, Brian (my boyfriend) got me a foam roller and a yoga mat for Christmas and having these has made running, stretching and recovering easier. I did yoga today as well and noticed a huge difference in my posture and ability to stretch further than I ever have.

Absolutely over the moon and keen for next week already!

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Well done you!!!

Thank you!


Yayyy well done, I did the same run this morning. I too am surprised how much fitter I feel!

I feel exactly the same! I never knew I had this type of strength in me.

Shelley2310Graduate in reply to BethanDavies

I’m very slow, have trouble catching the snails. But I’m still pleased with myself.

I feel like I'm quite slow too but then I feel amazing when I reach the end. I did 3km in 27 minutes today so I feel like I'd be capable of doing 5k I'm around 38 minutes.

Shelley2310Graduate in reply to BethanDavies

Well done, I didn’t quite get to 3k in 29 mins!! Oh well I still ran and Laura told me I’m a runner!! 😂🏃‍♀️ we can do this




Well done, I completed this run today as well and loved it. Can’t believe I have run 18 times in the last 6 weeks.

Shelley2310Graduate in reply to emma_lynne

I hadn’t thought about that.....only 18 times and were running 25 mins!!! Happy running 🏃‍♀️

Well done to us all! It seems like only yesterday I was struggling to run 60 seconds 😂

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