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Week 7 Finally done !

Week 7 seemed to take an eternity with life and work getting in the way ( and it was so hard ) must be working as I'm finding I have to extend my route. I'm trying to time my final run to coincide with a local park run - is this a wise move ?? I know these are measured but I've not a clue how far I'm going only how long I plod for - wouldn't like to fall at the final hurdle. Still 2 weeks to go yet so not counting chickens slow n steady and not giving up. - happy plodding people.

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Well done..plod away and see where you get to :)


Fantastic- carry on plodding!! πŸ˜ƒ

I found W8 better than W7, hope you do too!


I completed week 7 run 2 today. I took a completely different route. When I reached what I thought would be my end point I had to take a straight on, a right and another right to get back to my end point and even though my legs were hardly moving at the end it was still more jog than walk.

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Well done! I also finished W7 today (a bit later than I planned - but I figure that I am still on track to graduate pre-Christmas, so I am still smiling).

I have also had parkrun thoughts, but have no idea what distance I am covering in my runs at the moment. This has been deliberate up till now, but I am starting to get curious, so I have loaded Strava on my phone - but I wear it in one of those arm things, so haven't worked out the logistics of starting it up - ie I could start it right at the beginning, but then it would include my warm up, but having warmed up, it seems a bit of a faff to take my phone off my arm, press the button and then start running (esp. as without my reading glasses, seeing the screen on my phone is a bit of a challenge). I know that the expensive answer is to get a running watch with a GPS, but the budget doesn't stretch to that at the moment!)

Good luck for Week 8 - first run for me on Friday, so I will be thinking of you.


Ta for reply - I feel rude not answering all but all advise and Warnings most welcome so many people in the same boat and most loving it - keep up good work hope you feel as chuffed as I do :-)


Parkrun is great and they have walkers too so if you did it and finished before the end, you could walk to complete it.


Gona have to find a park run hope I get the big like you have seeing some of your posts ( almost professional now get you ) when was the moment you felt - this is right - this is good - I'm still a panting novice but I have surprised myself getting this far - one step a a time eh :-)


Well done you, you're getting close now.

Parkrun will be a great way to celebrate your success. No problem if your 30 min run doesn't get you to the end, lots of people run/walk. Take your time. At the start you'll probably find you're overtaken by quite a few speedsters, but try to keep a nice slow steady pace and you'll be fine. I'm pretty certain you won't be last!

Good luck and make sure you post to let us know how you get on.

Just a thought ... there's a Parkrun on Christmas morning at my local park, that would be a good way to celebrate your achievement!

Happy running!


You only have to run for 30 mins three times to graduate, not run 5k.

Only a small percentage of graduates hit the 5k in 30 minutes, so don't worry about that.

You are more likely to fall at the last hurdle by pushing too hard than taking it nice and easy.


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