Couch to 5K

Race for life today

I'd aimed high some months ago by planning to have graduated in time for today's RFL & be able to run a sub 30min 5k - yep I have a wild imagination!

I got as far as week 6 run 1 then for various reasons didn't run for a while so I'm currently revisiting week 4. So I'll toddle along to RFL this morning & do my best. Won't set any records for speed but I'll definitely get round the course even if most of its walking. It's nice to know that whatever the pace I'm raising a bit of cash for a good cause.

Enjoy your running today everyone!

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Hope your Race went well


Thanks Mummysaurus it went ok despite the heat! Walk/jogged my way round in 43 mins so I'm pleased with that. Legs are sore now lol. Hope your running's going ok


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