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W8R1 & Race for Life

So I completed W8R1 on Friday, those extra 3 minutes really tested me but I did it, very slowly :) Over the weekend I was starting to get excited as this week will be my first run of week 9 (Friday) which means I'm getting closer to that graduate badge and this Sunday will also be my first 5k - the Race for Life. I can't wait to try and run the whole 5k!

Sponsor money? Check.

Funky outfit. Check.

Awesome playlist? Check.

Race for Life. Cancelled! :O

I'm devastated! Apparently they couldn't take the risk with all this up and down weather we've been having which is understandable but I'm really deflated now...I was so looking forward to it as signing up for the race is what got me doing the C25K :(

Anyhoo, focusing on the positives - at least by the time they reschedule I'll be even better at running so y'know, every cloud and all that :)

W8R2 tonight :)

How are you other week 8ters getting on?

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Oh what a shame, yes just think you will be really ready when they next reschedule it, and you will maybe have graduated whoopee :) Just starting week 8 either tomorrow or Wednesday.


Hehe :) Yea I guess I'll be more comfortable doing 5k once it's rescheduled which is nice :)

Good luck for week 8 - we're so close to the finish :D


I did the Race for Life on the day I would otherwise have been doing W8R1. I managed to run the whole thing (mind you, it was in Cambridge and almost entirely flat!) in 35½ mins. So when I did the next two 28 min runs I told myself I had already run for more than that! On the other hand, I would have liked to have finished the programme before I'd done my first 5K. I've got two more runs to go to graduation and I only ran 4.2K this morning...


Wow!! 35.5 minutes? That's amazing!

4.2K is really good too!! I have to keep telling myself that it's not just about being able to run 5K in 30 minutes - just running for 30 minutes is an awesome achievement, whatever the distance...

Hitting 5k within that time will come in....time lol :D

Keep it up & I'll keep a look out for your graduation post :)


Oh that is bad news about the cancellation. How did you find out? Was it emailed to you? I'm just wondering because I'm supposed to be doing mine this Sunday in Hastings.

I'm surprised because runners don't usually mind running in the rain, but I guess it might churn the park up.


good luck with your run tonight :)


Well, I got a text from one of my friends about it. Googled it and found lots of sites/newspapers saying it had been cancelled due to unsettled weather and they can't take the risk...nothing from Cancer Research themselves as of yet though...

I hope your race goes ahead :) Keep us posted! :)


Ok, thanks for this, I will keep an eye out because the weather forecast doesn't look great, although there hasn't been any flooding in this area, so fingers crossed x


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