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Race for Life Gloucester


Just got back from my RfL 5k. Boy, it was tough!! My Garmin says the temperature was 17 deg. but it felt a lot warmer than that. Just glad I didn't go for the 10k distance!

I thought it was a slow run but having checked, it was okay. 5.44k in 32:26. I do know I couldn't have gone any quicker. Hoping it's going to be a bit cooler for the 10k coming up in July!

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Well done on completing, and a good time as well...


Well done Dottiemay. A great time achieved in a great cause. You should feel very proud. :)


Well done, that sounds really good to me, it really isn't easy running in this warmer weather is it?


Well done and not a bad time at all :)


Well done! Fantastic time! I did it too, man it was hard. Glad to see you measured it over 5k too. I'm totally gutted I didn't manage to run the whole thing but I know they weren't the easiest of conditions. Well done again xx


Congratulations - thats a great time!

Congratulations, it was the one in Worthing today as well, I didn't take part, although because I walked to the race start & home again, I now feel like I have actually done it! I'm determined to get training now, so I can do it next year! xxx.

Dam44 - my parents live in Goring. I finished W1 on Worthing seafront last Sunday morning. If you want a bit of accountability, I'll buddy up with you for RFL Worthing 2015.....

That would be really great, as I'm mainly on my own! I love to run or walk on the sea front, seeing as I'm not that far away! xxx.


Thanks everyone! It was a lovely event, my first RfL and I didn't particularly want to make a race of it...but....I do like to know if/how much I'm improving!

What I do find encouraging is the fact that although I found it harder going than the 10k and didn't expect it be sub 30/5k, I am actually running those times. It proves that I have improved so much over the last year so, if anyone reading this thinks "I'll never do that"...well, this time last year I couldn't and didn't expect to! Just keep doing it and who knows what we can achieve! :-)

Dam44 in reply to dottiemay

I know what you mean, as when I did it in 2012 I didn't think I'd manage it, even my Auntie told me that morning that if I needed to give up I could. At one point I thought I was going to have to, but something kicked in & I was determined to finish! In the last few years I've wished that circumstances had been different, so I could keep going! xxx.

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