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Week 1 finished finally!

Really pleased to have completed it, but I must say I didn't enjoy it as much as the first proper run...and my shins are really beginning to hurt whilst I'm running. I have decent running shoes, and I'm trying to not be heavy footed, stretching after etc, but I honestly can't see myself running for any longer than 60 secs yet. Does anyone have any advice? Thank you

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Well done on completing w1. Great achievement. It's early days yet and your body will bound to be groaning under the strain of exercise ;) My shins were the same in the early stages of the c25k (I'm currently on w6) but in my case things improved to the point I have no shin pains at all now and hopefully it will stay that way. Stick with it and I'm sure once your body becomes accustomed to exercising regularly, the pain should subside. Good luck ;)


Thanks will try! Struggling to unlock other weeks now....grrrrr


I wish I could help regarding your shins - thankfully I haven't had that problem so far! Congratulations on completing week 1 :-) just keep at it, go steady and enjoy.


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