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I just finished week 1! :)

I've just been for my third run so on Sunday I begin week 2!

I have to say I found that one really hard, because it's quite hot so how do you guys deal with running in the heat!? I'm literally dripping and feels so much tougher when it's hot!

BUT I'm proud of myself! I'm on the road to getting fit! :)

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It's been hell! I was really pleased it was raining this morning as it covers the sweat that drips off me, Yuk!

A cold, icy drink or even an ice lolly before you go can help and I found that going early in the morning (6.30) was a bit cooler (but not very convenient).

Well done for getting started and good luck with week 2, it will get easier as it cools down. Make sure you drink plenty of water before and after, take it steady and enjoy it x


Well done .......... bet you feel FAB :) Every run I've done has been in blistering heat and it makes it hard. Lots and lots of fluids and stick to the shady side of the road / park / field as much as you can. Try and run early morning or later in the day if you can, although that isn't always convenient I know.

Good luck with Week 2 Run 1 on Sunday.


I take a dry flannel to wipe my face and neck with when I've finished- I don't mind being sweaty- but it's tickly and small insects stick to me, ha ha, not very glam!

Well done btw!


Yeah I had thunder bugs EVERYWHERE lol


Heat makes it much harder!


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