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Finished Week 1

So I started my C25K Journey on Tuesday and today I finished Week 1 (I know it should have been Saturday I ran but I was busy!)

Feeling like I've achieved something already. Day 3 was (dare I say it) a breeze. Not sure how I'll cope with the step up on Tuesday but we'll see. I know I've only just started but I'm beginning to feel slightly obsessed with running. I had been wanting to run for a while and it was reading "Running Like A Girl" by Alexandra Hemingsley that finally made me take the plunge properly!

I'm hoping my enthusiasm carries me to w9d3!

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Well done and do keep feeding on that enthusiasm! It is a great programme.


Yep it soon becomes addictive and you'll be organising your week around runs, watching other runners as you drive past, eying up all sorts of paraphernalia :) keep running :)


It's a good book that is. I really enjoyed it

Well done on getting over week 1. Just keep on going whatever you do. It's the greatest thing since sliced bread this program is

Take it steady. Slow is absolutely fine


Ooh yes , excellent book !

Good Luck , keep going ! xxx


Well done! That sounds like a book I should read :D


Well done! I am about to start week 2 tomorrow as well. Week 9 seems a long, long way off but I'll be really chuffed if I complete it. Good luck for tomorrow. :)


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