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Finished week 1

So I'm new here, and I just finished week 1. I thought it wouldn't be nearly as difficult as I found it to be, but I'm proud of myself for finishing it.

I'm only 20 and I'm not in terrible shape, so I thought I'd be able to do it no problem. I found myself gasping for air haha. I can normally do 30-45 minutes straight on an elliptical at the gym but I guess running outside is more difficult on the body than an elliptical machine.

Anybody have any tips going into week 2?

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Just take it nice a slow. Its not a race. Listen to Laura and you'll be grand.

Good luck


Congratulations on starting! I'll echo the advise given - don't go too fast! You'll gradually speed up as you go along! I remember thinking the same thing when I started, but even though it feels like each week is a struggle, I still manage to do it anyway, the point is building up my fitness level, and I know I've noticed that I'm doing that! Keep on going, and we'll be here all the way :)


Yes, I'd agree with taking it slow and try to take your rest from running days.

Well done for completing week 1. Sounds like you're fit already so I'm sure you'll complete the course with no problem.

I'm in my 40s and 15 stone (embarrassingly) and I've just finished week 5. I'm enjoying the whole experience - hope you do too!


Well done Texan, You beat me, I had to do that week twice because I had walked more than the programme says to. Well done, bet you got the running bug now


Go slowly, remember that running and training on an elliptical are completely different things and most of all, enjoy it!


Well done on starting. Sounds like you were probably going too fast. Slow down! It's very easy to go too fast but the secret is in going slow and if your legs hurt or you're struggling to breathe then just slow down a bit more. You may feel it is counterintuitive but it will reap dividends in the long run. Happy running :)


I've just finished week 1 too, and the last run was dreadful! My Achilles hurt, my right hip hurt...but I wasn't out of body decided it didn't like running I think. I want to carry on but I'll have to just take it run by run I think...

I don't have any advice as I'm at the same stage as you , albeit 23 yrs older 😂 . I use a cross trainer for 40 mins, do two Zumba classes a week and I was shocked at how hard I found this.

I don't think I can slow down anymore, I'd be going backwards!

Good luck and keep going, I'll follow you so we can buddy each other if you like x

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Well done...just listen to the lovely laura, and take it slow...and support is great so keep up with writing up...



I was gasping after 60 second jogs as I was running too fast. It was these lovely people on here that told me to go slow and I am now and it works! In fact I am running at the same speed that I walk if that makes sense! I've just completed wk4 and still cant believe it! Keep going, you can do it!


Thanks for the advice, everyone! I'll make sure to try and pace myself with the week 2 runs so I don't tire out too quickly. It's nice to see there's so many people doing this program as well :) Good luck to all of you who are also starting out/part way through the program


You are not alone on being proud of you...there are thousands on here who are also. Give yourself a huge pat on the back.

As for week 2 , just take it steadily. You CAN do it. It isn't a huge leap, but more a step-up in distance and time, and as long as you stick to it, you can do it.

I have taken the liberty of adding a Youtube clip that I found massively inspirational...I hope you do too..

Good luck, and keep us posted. We ARE interested.

PS.Have the tissues ready...


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