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Finished week 1

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So I've done three week 1 runs, I did two of them indoors in my flat running on the spot because I was to embarrassed to go outside, but today I ventured outdoors to the local park and I found being outside easier, and I was surprised I could tell a difference just from the first run to then, I don't want to get overexcited but I enjoyed it a little bit today once I got going and when I finished I felt like I really achieved something

I'm pondering though, should I do a few more week 1 runs before moving on, I'm worried I won't cope with the stepping up of the activities?

10 Replies

Well, if you managed to complete the three sessions of week 1 you should be ok to go on to week 2, it's weird how you just can do more every week. There is no harm in redoing a week if you don't feel confident though. Glad you enjoyed running outside. Good luck.


Don't ever be embarrassed. Be proud that your doing something positive for your health. Keep going


You have done the most important thing in starting the program. It may seem a struggle at times but it really does work. Personally I didn't find week 2 much more arduous than week 1 and as you have already noticed the difference between the first and subsequent runs. I found that having a good pair of running shoes helped a lot, many running/sports shops offer gait analysis and that helps with finding the right trainers should you need any correction in the way your foot makes contact with the ground, don't think I would have been able to do the program without better shoes as my trusty old pair were making my shins, calves and knees hurt. The final comment I would make is slow and steady, I have recently graduated and I am still short of the getting to 5k despite running the 30 mins required. Good luck with your running, it is worth it and you can do it.



I've just done the first day and understand how you feel. For my part, I didn't want to pass anyone I know today in case they stopped me and tried to call an ambulance...

In reality, we both pass hundreds of runners each week and don't give them a second glance. We've just got to try and remember that when we're out and about...


Brilliant. Well done you! I agree with the others. Give wk2 a go! I repeated weeks a few times which is ok. But the plan is geared to take you up a notch at the right intervals. When I was faced with a length of run I wasn't confident about I just slowed down to as slow as possible to make suite I got to the end of the time... distance really doesn't matter. Happy running :)


Well done, you! I decided to get up really early (6am which is very early for me) so that no one would ever see me. However, this running stuff does wonders for your confidence and after a few weeks I have found I don't care who sees me but the world is a lovely place to run in at 6am so still do it. Enjoy your running :)


Hey well done, you're out and proud - running does that. Go for it with w2, if you can do w1 you're ready for it :)


I'd go for W2 as well - the feeling you get from knowing you've pushed yourself a little bit more than before is well worth it. :)




well done you for completing week 1!

- just try each week - if you can do the runs then move on up. I have been concerned that I wouldn't be able to do the extra required each week but somehow have managed to (just finished week 5 , overweight 52 year old). Some runs have been harder than others but I felt as long as I could do the full run by the third go of that week I could move on. Do give yourself rest days though as they really seem to help.

I was also embarrassed to run outside but covered up a bit and just had imaginary conversations with people "I'm doing the couch to 5k programme, it's tough but I'm sticking with it"

it does seem a good programme - good luck, you CAN do it


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