First Run

First Run

Well I started again today. My dog has finally settled down a bit and is now sleeping through the nights. Means I am getting a bit more sleep and look less like a zombie (some days:)). Thought it was time to start again. So even though I graduated last year I started at W1R1 this morning and boy was it hard. My advice to anyone reading this is DONT STOP because restarting is really really hard work. I hadn't run in 6 months and was feeling it. Sluggish. Out of breath going upstairs. Already I feel like I have been hit by a truck and KNOW that this is going to hurt tomorrow. But I did it!!!! The feeling I got last year after finishing every run came flooding back!! Got a little tired towards the end but still I did it. Yesterday I went on a free seminar thingy through work about defibrillators. It was pretty much a life changer for me. I cant explain why that made me look at things differently even though I am a smart person and have known for a long time that I eat wrong and don't exercise....but I got the message! Funny the things that make you feel differently. We watched a video clip as part of the course about the footballer Miklos Feher who died from a sudden cardiac arrest on the pitch in a game in 2004. It just made me think. One minute he was there and the next he was gone. Ok so it happens every day and people die every day but it just made me think....time of get off my fat ass and start doing something. I know this wont be easy to get back into it. I having a break for 6 months means I haven't made things easy for myself. BUT I have done this before and am remembering how utterly amazed I was that the first time round I couldn't even do all the runs on W1R1 and 9 weeks later I was running my little socks off. I know I can do this again. Lesson learnt. DON'T GIVE UP. Happy weekend everyone. x

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  • Hi Joanne and welcome back :) Firstly, love the pic and the message it's portraying. Love it :)

    I agree, it can be the simplest thing that can trigger something in the brain that makes you start thinking about getting fitter etc. For me, it was when my two daughters had visited a medium. Bit of longish story so I won't gate crash your post with it but I think I'll start a new thread asking what sparked others interest in getting fitter and post it there :)

    Good luck with the c25k but I'm sure you'll nail it as you do before :)

  • Welcome back, to the forum and C25K. I too like the picture and the message it conveys. I think that when I'm having a tough run: what's the alternative to giving up? Becoming unfit and lazy because it's 'easier'? Giving up is unthinkable! Good luck for run two! :-)

  • Joanne I remember you? Don't I? Goodness knows I'm not sure if I remember you or not, but it's interesting to see you starting all over again. Now look here - - - - You must make this one count ok? You MUST grduate - then follow it up by a regime of three runs per week. Doesn't HAVE to be 5K.......can be 3K.......but the fact is that you keep a regular pattern of running so your body KNOWS what you are doing.

    Promise me you'll do this?

  • I promise. There I said it. In black and white for all to see! Nice to hear from you - its been a while. hope you are well:)

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