First post Grad Run

Got out quite late for me at 7:50 and had a go at the Stepping Stones podcast and it was interesting I managed it though I do not know how even with the sound on full Laura seems so much quieter so it was really hard to hear what she said plus I had to deal with road noise something you don't get a 5 am so try again on Wednesday but will go out at my normal time.

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  • Well, post grad and post birthday run :) We raised a glass to you yesterday. Hope you had a fab time. How long were the stepping stones podcasts? Would you recommend? At the moment I'm just planning to run week nine 3 times a week for a while until I can decide what direction to go in. Your first run at 'normal time' eh? Back to the superman early birds from now on ;)

  • Morning or for me afternoon lol had a nice restful day went for a week 9 walk with the toy says I walk at 1k every 10 mins so I managed 4K in the time. Stepping Stones is 30 minutes but like I said she's really quite unless it was the headphones I need to check before the next one. I will see how Wednesday goes if it does not work I will consolidate W9 till the end of August and see what happens

  • C'mon, dont keep me in suspenders... what's "the toy"?

  • It's a Garmin GPS watch I'll have to get the daughter to help me post a picky as I am a complete throbber when it comes to things like that

  • Ooh I love mine now. I hated it the first time I used it because it confirmed all my sneaking suspicions about how slow I was. Now it shows me when I get a teensy bit faster and a teensy bit further on each run. Love it :)

  • Well done! You're such a dedicated runner usually going out so early!

  • I was planning on having a chill week to recharge the batteries but I had to take the wife to work so that went out the window so I decided to do something constructive since I was up. How are you doing at the moment

  • A bit of a late start for you today - post birthday? It is amazing, how at different times of day the sights and sounds change. I'll have a listen to the podcast and try it out on the next run, which will be when I am back in the north with the pointy things - ah yes hills! Good luck with the next go.

  • No believe it or Not I am on holiday supposed to be relaxing but had to take the wife to work so was up early at the normal time so went out later but I might as well go back to early runs as normal

  • Well, enjoy your week of leisure, not forgetting the odd run of course!

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