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Hello everyone,

This is my first post. After one week of trying to get out of bed early to try the W1R1 and not being able to, on Sunday I decided to go to the nearest park anyway (around 10am) and give it a go. I was scared and curious as I was never able to run before but lately I have been walking a lot and fast. Turns out W1R1 was easy. So today I did W2R1 and it was not so bad also. I'll see how I feel tomorrow as I am trying to decide if next time I'll do W2R2 or W3R1. Maybe running for three minutes it's a little to ambitious at this point. I hope this forum helps me staying motivated as I am doing this alone. :)


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  • I hope this forum helps me staying motivated as I am doing this alone.

    NW11London It certainly does. And you're are never alone. :-) There are many inspirational runners on this forum that will keep you motivated. The stories and experiences that are shared are remarkable. Go for it. :-)

  • Hi and welcome.. :)

    Now, if this is your first attempt at C25K.. then, as I think many folks on here may advise you, you would be sensible to follow the programme... even allowing for all our different fitness levels... it is a very carefully structured programme intended to get you to being able to run for thirty minutes, comfortably and injury free...:) And having had a great time on the journey!

    The runs and each week follow on, building on our stamina and strength levels. It isn't about speed or distance.. that comes after.. or not, for some folk:)

    The rest days, even though many of us do other exercises on those days, are also essential..

    I think one of our seasoned, experienced runners. I think it was misswobble ? said in a post, the whole programme has a lot to do with discipline.. regarding runs and rest days too.She is takes quite a lot of effort to stay in and not run on a glorious day, or resist the temptation to push oneself too hard :)

    So, my advice would Run 2 Week 1 on Thursday, and Week 1 Run 3 on Saturday or whenever, then simply follow the programme: This forum, which is so incredible, supports that... and we are a great bunch for keeping you motivated!!! :)

  • This forum is full of really positive helpful people, with lots of encouragement and advice for all.

    The NHS C25K programme is structured so that you build up your strength and stamina over the 9 or more weeks. I was given really good advice not to skip runs but to do each of the runs in each week (and the rest days too). So while it might seem easy to skip some of the runs you might want to think about consolidating Week 2 with the other 2 runs before moving on to Week 3. Better to find this easy going than to crash and burn at Week 4 which could then put you off. Only you can decide, but what everyone in here wants is for you to bs successful.

    Remember there's no rush to get to the end of the programme. The important thing is that you've got off the couch and gone running. Many of us actually took longer than 9 weeks, and that was ok because we got there in the end.

    Good luck and happy running πŸƒ. πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ€žπŸ½

  • Must admit I've been tempted to move onto the following week or run for longer than I should on occasion as am quite fit anyway, but, I've never run before, not even for a bus and thought it wise to follow the plan, the last thing I want is to end up with an injury which sets me back, I'm actually finding the mental discipline very good for me :-)

    Good luck whatever you decide though and Happy running.

  • I tried to "run before I could walk" and injured my Achilles - it took months for it to clear up. Then I did it again! I follow the programme now...

  • Thank you everyone for your words. You are right, there is no rush and the last thing I want is an injury. I think I just got excited that it wasn't as difficult as I thought.

  • Hold that thought.... :) x

  • Hello! Welcome, and well done for getting out there!

    I agree with what others have said. I found week 1 and 2 reasonably easy (except the hungover run I tried to do on Boxing Day.... misguided! 😜), but am so glad I stuck to the programme as now at week 6 I can trust that I've truly built up what I need to. Trust the programme 😊 Xx

  • Welcome aboard , you've come to the right place !

    Yes, I second the above and although I admire your enthusiasm , please stick to the programme and the rest days , it is really important and you don't want to risk injury at this stage .

    Please keep posting and letting us know of your progress, you will find lots of support, advice and encouragement here .

    Good Luck ! :-) xxx

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