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Ha, week 5 Run 1 done!

have to say that my last two runs have been really enjoyable as the body is feeling great.

I didn't think that a someone with a stent, like me, would be able to do this programme but as long as I keep taking the tablets, the heart seems to be doing well and the muscles are getting strong.

W5R3 looks interesting as the first real long run but I feel ready for the challenge.

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Well done. Glad to know that you are enjoying it and your body is responding well to the challenge. Keep it nice and steady for W5R3. Look forward to seeing you post after a successful run.

Good luck!


Great stuff! Your heart is a muscle that will benefit from exercise along with the rest. Go steady though as it's tempting to push yourself too hard and at this early stage in your running you don't want to put your body under undue strain

It's great fun and it helps keep the pounds off too


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