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Week 5, Run 2 - Done!

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Just finished my run la la la la la.

Wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. Although when Laura told me I only had 60 seconds to go on the second 8 minute run I did have a little cheer. I had to try a new route tonight which had a long slope. Not very steep at all but long and considering I live in a very very flat area of the UK it was a bit of a surprise πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Recovery time seems to be getting quicker as well. I don't feel quite so battered starting each new run.

I'm actually getting a little bit excited about run 3 now!! I know I'm going to be so chuffed if I manage it. Just need to work out a route that will last me the run.

Happy face ticked on app 😊

11 Replies
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Hey well done! You’ve totally got R3 and it’s a brilliant feeling when you finish it. Good luck!

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LadyP79 in reply to wyersmith

Thanks! Slow and steady will win the race 🐒😊

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Well done, and sounds like you’re all set now for Run 3 :)

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LadyP79 in reply to HoagyM

Fingers crossed!! 😊

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Love your smiley selfies 😁 well done, you're new route looks lovely.

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LadyP79 in reply to SendWine

It is lovely. I'm in a village that is a green belt so it's just surrounded by fields. Very peaceful as well 😊

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Well done. Now you're just past half way!

I did that run as well this evening.

I know what you mean; when I finished the first run, I would have liked the second one to start sooner, as I'd recovered sooner.

Let's see how Saturday goes with R3.

I've just done that one this morning. I did struggle a bit but I think it's more of a mind thing than an energy thing. I kept thinking that I've never run for longer than 4 mins b4 I started this programme. Then I thought - I can't report back to the forum & say I didn't do it. So I kept going. I think just b4 the half way point on each one was when I was struggling - it was the thought of another 4 mins! I could do without being told that! Well done for completing it too- onto R3!

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Well done for persevering and keeping going. You should feel very proud of yourself!!

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Oh I do. And so should you (be proud of yourself - not me!) we all should. I get quite emotional when I think - I've just run for longer than I've ever run in my life! We can smash this. Good luck for R3.

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That's exactly how I feel having just completed the same . Feel confident for next run - sort of. And I enjoyed it too - just as Jo said she started to when she changed her mindset. The psychology is just as important as the fitness levels xx

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