After almost 2 weeks break how should I approach week 9 run 3

I completed wk 9 run 2 last Tuesday (20th) due to unforeseen circumstances I haven't been able to complete run 3 yet but have been out walking quite a bit up to maybe 10 -12k at a time so I haven't actually been resting on my laurels. If everything goes to plan I would hope to get out again on Sat (31st) morning and run. Just concerned after nearly 2 weeks not running should I move back a notch and maybe try a 20 min run and build myself back up to the 30 or should I just go for it. I had been so looking forward to graduating last week and then everything went pear shaped. Any advice greatly appreciated.

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  • Go for it! Nice and steady. You know you can do it, so it is just a matter of getting through. If you can't make it then repeat, but I am sure you will be fine. Try to set up the conditions for a successful run so that your graduation run is memorable for the right reasons. Mine was on a Friday evening after a hard week at work and was a real slog....I was too impatient to wait until the Saturday.

    Good luck.

  • Go slow and go for it would be my advice. You've kept up your fitness through walking and you may be very presently surprised that you haven't "lost it" at all. Slow and steady and try to break through the mental barrier...

    Good luck! And "any run" is better than "no run"... :)

  • Just go for it and see what you can do. As the others have said, take it nice and steady and just plug away. You might surprise yourself, and if you do have to stop at least you will know which week to repeat.

    Good luck!

  • Are you putting this off do you think?

    Get out and finish the job you started. You've come this far and there is just a gnat's whisker between you and graduation. Do it today! Then come back here and apply for that hard earned badge. We are right behind you and will be there when you cross the line, cheering you to the rafters

  • Go for it ! If it helps psychologically, give yourself permission in advance to stop at the 25 minute timecheck - but I bet that when you get there you'll decide you're good to finish ! Take it nice and steady.

  • Thanks all for the advice. Can't do it today Miss Wobble, am in Turkey so has to be early morning or late evening and the next couple of evenings are not possible. have decided to run in a pine tree area where the trees are set out in rows which lots of walkers and joggers use, which has the added benefit of being easier on the legs than road running and shaded. Have had some issues over the last week or so and hopefully these should be resolved by close of play Friday which will allow me to get out there with a clear mind. Slow and steady. Hopefully I will be asking for my graduation badge Sat.

  • We had a runner post on here yesterday that she graduated in Turkey while on holiday.

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