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Week 9 run 3 finished!!!☺️

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I ran the last run of the series yesterday, hurrah!! I started back in June so it's taken a while and over the last 6 weeks I have only been able to manage one run a week because of mostly family commitments. It's probably made it harder in terms of building up stamina but I've done it!! It's been 11.5 years since my eldest was born and I haven't been able to do any impact sport since before my pregnancy so I feel a huge satisfaction in having completed it.

The first 15 minutes were hard but the sun was shining, the friendly dog walkers were out and I tried to run mindfully rather than mulling over things in my head and I managed to complete the 30 min run.

I've concluded that I am going to stop thinking about and talking about running (subconsciously) like it's just another chore to try to fit in but instead it's something I want to do for me and it makes me feel good! That should help when the only time I can get out to run is 9.30 pm!

I couldn't get map my run to work so I have no idea whether I got anywhere near 5km, but that's not really the point for now. Next step is to commit to running 3x week and work towards running 5km, then I'm planning to do a park run in November. It would have been unthinkable last year ☺️😊. If you are struggling - keep going, even if it takes ages, you will get there - the 9 weeks and 5km are only a guide.

Happy running everyone 🌻

Ps rather than a photo of my red face after running, here's one of my future running companion when she is big enough to go on longer walks and stops eating my shoe laces!

12 Replies
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Wow! Love your running companion and all those graduation toys😁Well done you. I bet you feel like a million dollars. It's just the best feeling ever (apart from completing week 5 run 3)! Hugest !!CONGRATULATIONS!! Well earned and we'll deserved 😊

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Steph88Graduate in reply to McFitty

Thank you! 🌻

Well done, Like the picture. Bet you still can't stop grining. I couldn't stop myself smirking all day when I did my Week 9 run 3.

As I have you will probably find that it will become a good habit. It really improves your health and feeling of well being.

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Congratulations! And what a cute puppy! Enjoy the feeling, and don't forget to get your badge! It's one of the pinned posts.

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Steph88Graduate in reply to tortoisegirl

Thank you for reminding me!

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You look all tired out :) Oh.. sorry. that is the cute little dog!

Brilliant... well done you... Graduate!!!!

A terrific journey and here you are.

And, guess what.. the journey goes on ! Your way and in your own time... except when that little one is large enough to decide where you should run :)x

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What a cutey! Bet he will be a lovely running buddy when he gets bigger. Congratulations on graduating. Hoping to join you on Friday so keep a spot for us.

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Well done you! Enjoy your shiny new badge & keep it away from that rather cute running companion to be :-)

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Massive Congratulations to you Steph on a fantastic achievement !

Aw your little dog is just too cute ! I just want to bury my face in her fur , I love the smell of puppies :-) xxx

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Woooohoooo!! Massive pat on the back for you 🌟🎈🌟🎈🌟🎈

Yay! Well done and what a fab photo too.

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Thank you all for your lovely messages - so heart warming! My young son has ME so he is limited in the physical activity he can do so finishing feels a bit bitter sweet as I don't want him to feel worse because he knows he couldn't do something simulate for now. It makes it extra enjoyable to be able to share my satisfaction with you all quietly ☺️

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