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Week 9 run 2 almost an anticlimax

Knee niggles and my recent holiday to Krakow with Cherie Pie meant that I haven't run for over two weeks, so I wasn't sure how my run would be today.

We walked a lot but also ate out every night, a 3 course meal and drinks for two being £20-40 so I ate large steak dinners and piled on the puddings!

I decided to use my treadmill as it's easier on the knees and the poor thing has been neglected recently.

So I started the usual 5 minute warm up and then put it on 5.2 to 5.5 mph and 2 incline, covered the clock and put my music on. The plan was to run for 8 songs which is around 35 minutes and if I still felt ok then run for a couple more.

No gremlins for the first ten minutes surprisingly, but then at the 3 and a bit song mark just over half way I was really struggling and for the first time considered either walking or stopping.

I resisted the urge to look at the clock as I knew it would be demoralising and made myself run on but finally gave in and was pleasantly surprised to see that it was on 38 minutes including the warm up so I carried on for the last couple of minutes.

I didn't find it easy at all today but at least I didn't quit when I wanted to and managed to finish.

Only one more run to graduation, which strangely should be more exciting? I found that before the holiday I was almost obsessively checking the boards every day to see how other people were doing on their journeys, sending them good wishes and now that I'm nearly there it doesn't personally seem that special.

Perhaps it's the time off from running which has made it almost mundane, after all I've been running over 30 minutes for a few weeks so it's just one more run.

I also understand that this is an amazing accomplishment for all of us, and don't want to belittle the struggles and ever so hard work people put in to finally run for half an hour three times on the last week and the sense of accomplishment, wonder and joy when completing the final run.

For some reason I feel strangely guilty that I will soon be posting my graduation run and getting lots of happy replies...

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Hi Simmy

Could be a touch of the post holiday blues maybe ? I wouldn't worry about it too much, could be the fact that you haven't run for a couple of weeks , plus some runs make you feel great and then some not so great .

No need to feel guilty at all, lets get to Graduation and see how you feel then :-) xxx

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Some runs a re just like that, you're doing great, put that one behind you - on to your graduation!


So maybe you need to be setting your sights on 10k now.


Thanks for the words of encouragement.

When we are doing the weekly runs there's always something to look forward to, wow next week I'm expected to run for how long? And then you complete the week and the sense of accomplishment is great and soon you find you are running for 5,10, 20 minutes which seemed impossible two weeks before...and then before you know it the 9 weeks are up.

I know people talk about running faster or further, trying different routes to keep motivated after graduating. My treadmill has about 20 different programs on it, loads of hills etc so maybe that will help me progress. I've found that I like running outside more now too.

I'm a bit disappointed that my knees started to ache a few hours after my run even though I invested in some new cushioned shoes, used the treadmill and did some stretches afterwards. Running on roads and pavements isn't looking very promising then...


Bah! I haven't run for a while with knee aches, finally did w9r2 on Sunday and planned to go out today to finally do my graduation run but I've come down with a bad cough and am wheezing and spluttering all over the place :-( :-( :-( I'm not looking for sympathy by the way, it's just frustrating!

It seems that everyone who started ages after me has lapped me and left me behind :'( :'(

I really miss not being able to go for a run now.

At least I can celebrate the triumphs of others!

Oh and I still have my looks and modesty.


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