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I changed location this morning for W8R1 (still sad not to be a niner this week) and I had a few hills and felt a bit like Maria in Sound Of Music when reaching the summit of one, got a bit carried away and went too fast then realised I had another small hill (huge to me!) and the last 5 minutes of the run was HELL, first time in the whole programme I really had to struggle to breath and my legs felt glued to the road with knees made of solid iron. However I finished and looking back I realise that a) only 2nd run after a week off b) new route with hills and uneven ground c) unhealthy boozy weekend are all the reasons that it wasn't the best run. I only have one more run in the UK and then going home to Dublin for a week where I will hopefully finish w8 and start w9 with my graduation run at a parkrun in Naas Co. Kildare with my sister and brother! I am feeling a bit emotional today about the reasons I did this programme and the aim of the Race For Life on 15th June which is coming up quickly......the reality that I might actually get there and do the race is an amazing feeling mixed with huge emotions. Lucky all of us finding Laura to help us achieve our goals! Happy running everyone x PS can someone explain Julie as I didn't meet her on W8R1? I use the C25K app which doesn't play Lauras music so I use my own.

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Your last few minutes of the run today sounded like the first five minutes of mine! Well done on getting through it though; it's not easy, I know, but you did it, so very well done!

Your runs in Ireland sound nice and will be a great change. :-) You'll be fine for the Race for Life; you'll have graduated by then and it will be a brill post-graduation race, for a tremendous cause!

Hmmmmm, a number of people report similar issues with the app. I play the podcasts using my MP3 player, or when I used my phone, using the music player; I found the app to be very buggy and I've seen lots of other comments saying the same.

Well done on today! :-)


Thanks M_Y for the support and you are right it's the C25K family we are in (your reply earlier) and it's not about keeping up! I am going to go back to the reliable podcasts and I might meet Julie at last!


That's how I felt at one point this morning during one of my 5 minute runs (w4r1) - I felt like I was trying to move my legs but my feet had stuck to the ground!

I have done 10 runs now 'around the block' and it's starting to feel a bit boring. I have another route in mind but they are resurfacing the pavements at the moment.

Good luck with your Race for Life. I always wanted to run one in my dad's memory but I have a spinal problem and couldn't walk far. Exercise has helped so much. I was going to get fit, start running then sign up for 2015! I then found out this years R4L was actually on my dad's birthday! Fate as they say, signed up and had 10 weeks to train! Enjoy your trip back home and parkrun with your family.


Oh do try to change your route panda you will be amazed how uplifting that is. What a fantastic goal you have and racing on your late fathers birthday will be very emotional for you but amazing achievement with your problems. What date is your run? I found week 4 very tough and look at me now! Well done for getting this far and keep your goal in mind it helps on the tough days.


Until this mornings run I hadn't given a route change a thought but now I'm heading into the longer runs I have the confidence to go a bit further. My R4L is on 13th July - I am sure my dad will be looking down on me from the big fishing pond in the sky and thinking 'since when did you run!' Lol! I know he'd be ever so proud! Both weightloss and exercise has helped with my spinal problem. After years of being told not to do this or that - my life had totally changed! I take everything at my own pace and read the signs. :-) If this morning is anything to go by - yes week 4 is tough! Aaaargh! Oh well! :-D


Well done Nellyharte, not long now until you get that lovely graduate badge! I'm at exactly the same stage as you (ran W8R1 this evening) and have also entered a Race For Life on 25 June which, over the last week, I have realised with glee I should actually be able to complete without walking. Simply amazing isn't it! I should have graduated before Easter but injuries got in the way, but I'm back on it now and stubbornly optimistic that I will get through the next five runs on time.

I've no idea who Julie is either - I have the downloaded podcasts on my ipod but haven't come across Julie, unless that is I had drifted off into my own little world (which I often try to do while running!) and she passed me by unnoticed!

Good luck with your remaining runs and with your RFL on the 15th - it will be overwhelming to cross that finish line I'm sure x


Thanks Greenofthesouth - yes I agree that the R4L feels doable now and can't wait to graduate and have the first achievement ticked. I definitely went into my little world this morning as the view was beautiful on my new route so I may have missed Julie too! Where is your R4L on? My one is Bedford. Best of luck with the rest of week 8 and the big one next week.!


My RFL is in Blackburn - its an evening event so I'm hoping it won't be too hot! Look forward to seeing your graduate badge.


Well done Nellyharte, you are so close now, and what better way to graduate than with your family. Well done for attempting those hill things...if I have to run up a kerb I almost stop dead! All the very best for your next run :)


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