2nd parkrun and new PB!

Did run in 37.59 which is 38 secs quicker than last week I can't my head around time because I felt it was so much slower Last week there was group of 30 sh at end and as I was in middle always felt part of run Today I was 2 nd last (80fewer runners) and after about 5mins I was wayyyyyy at back and last 3rd couldn't even see any runners so sort of felt I was just out for a run on my own No music or watch so hadn't clue time but thought ok you ARE going to run whole way and just enjoy it Husband brought 2 grandchildren along to watch and kids ran last wee bit with me so that and their cheering made huge difference. Made me realise why I started running and I felt so good Was nervous about today cos thought last week was a fluke but now think ill be ok about doing parkrun in future. For anyone thinking about doing a park run I say go for it Its fabulous feeling

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  • Well done, very good time. No stopping you now. :)

  • Thanks

  • Thirty eight seconds is a great improvement. Well done you. My wife and I missed our planned Parkrun today because of colds, but I agree with you, it is a great event.

  • Thanks hope you both feeling better soon It must be nice you both runners

  • That's brilliant , all these park run posts are making me want to take part now , congratulations you must be feeling really proud , bet your husband & grandchildren are very proud if you . Well done .

  • Thanks you should just go for it

  • How encouraging - maybe I will look into our local one when I graduate just before the New Year.

  • You should do cos I am sure you will enjoy yourself I ll look out for your graduation post

  • Well done! How lovely they did the last bit with you, bet that was such a boost :) when I have had faster runs I feel slower...how odd! :)

  • It was great thanks Yes it is strange how it's difficult to judge speed of run

  • Nice, well done!!

  • Thank you

  • Well done, that's a great result and so lovely that your grandchildren were there to run a bit with you at the end and cheer you on. I managed to knock 18 seconds off my PB today bringing it to 37:44 but like you I felt I wasn't running particularly well - very strange!

  • Thanks and well done to you too

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