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Heyyyyy I joggled through Week 7 Run 3 yesterday!!!!!!!!!!

I found this a bit of a struggle for the first 10 mins, well actually I found it a whole big struggle !!!! As suggested by Laura I went for a joggle around my local park which is a very big park and I thought the 25 mins of joggling ******* (cross between jogging and walking)*****would go fairly quick....... WRONG!!!!!!!

It seemed to go on forever and I think it is the heat as I left this run until about 10:00am whereas normally it would be done early morning or evening....... I found that I had to keep stopping after about 3mins to drink water all the time?????? Although I completed and I did up the ante on the last 2 mins to see if I did really feel that much better as Laura says if you finish on a high but my calf muscles still feel really weak all the time and can only just function at times!!!!!!

But coming home to the M_Yonder milkshake that had been in the fridge overnight as suggested made it worth while!!!!!!

I have also been making this delicious smoothie for energy before I go as well, half an avocado, hand full of almonds and raspberries and blueberries shoved in a blender with some milk!!!!!!! Mmmmmmm delicious!!!!

Week 8 starts Sunday nearly there!!!!!!! Hoorah!!!!

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Well done Josie-jo :) Congratulations on completing your week 7 runs :)


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