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Week 7 run 3

Decided to go back to old route as I know where I am and when to turn back etc. But was so pleased when I reached what is normally middle marker Laura did not talk. Carried on running a couple more mins and she spoke 12 and half mins!!!!! I have got slightly faster. Don't want to push myself too much but that felt really good knowing I've got just a bit faster. I remember thinking how nervous I was at running 3 mins and moaning at Laura for talking too much now I'm beginning to dread what will I do without her!!!! Ha ha! On to week 8. Very proud mummy. :-)

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And proud you should be. You are setting a great example for your boys and with graduation only a couple of weeks away I am sure they will be proud of you too.

Enjoy your running and good luck.


Well done , we will graduate together more or less . My r3 is tues. Happy running .


You girls are miles ahead of me now! Well done, you sound amazing. You must be sooo pleased with yourself right now!


Congratulations! It's a huge achievement getting this far. Well done


Congratulations, feels amazing doesn't it, I will be on Wk7-R3 by the end of the week too, looks like we will be having a big party in just another couple of weeks as we all graduate together


Well it has taken me 7runs in week 7 to get my 3 x25mins runs but on to week 8 tomorrow! ,

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