Couch to 5K

I'm back!

Hello, peeps! Well, after a long break (over a year) due to surgery and a heartbreaking miscarriage, I've finally pulled out the running gear again after the previous false start. I've one run left on W2 and have found the move up from W1 quite easy, much to my amazement. I'm still purple when I get home but I'll take it! Really excited about achieving the whole 5k this time! Hope you are all doing great!

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Bad luck on the miscarriage: they are very nasty things. You always wonder who it would have been.

Purple is probably a better look than neon pink (my favoured colour-of-exercise). Good luck with the running, and may you get less beetroot-like as you get fitter!


You have my sympathy for your loss.My daughter in law miscarried last year....... I am glad that you now are back to running....look forward to hearing about your progress and purple is the new red!!!!


I can't imagine how heartbreaking a miscarriage would be.

Welcome back to C25K. Hope it's a good journey for you.

Welcome to the beetroot club too :)


Beetroot is good although I do find it clashes with my neon orange running shirt! Sympathy and hugs to you for your loss - I know how it feels, but well done for getting your running gear out again, you've made a really positive move. Best of luck and keep us posted with your progress xx


Thank you, lovely people! Yeah, thought it was time I kicked myself up the bum and got my feet on the road again! It feels good. :)


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