I'm Back!!

Hi everyone - I had my first pain free run last and it felt amazing!! After my knee injury, running has been tough but it is finally giving up trying to beat me! Only 6k but a fast final 1k - I really felt like I was flying! Anybody on the injury couch, you will be back . There is no better feeling (well maybe there is!..) than coming back after a good run and the rush that stays with you for hours after. Not to mention the advantage to your skin, My hubby always says I'm glowing - probably like a beacon! just being supportive! Can't wait for my 2/3 hr runs again but very chuffed for now. Happy running and keep enjoying the gift! x


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17 Replies

  • Well done for not giving up and getting back out there. Injuries can be so frustrating! Take it easy and good luck for future runs.

  • Thank you. It has been so frustrating! Never knowing when it was going give in and face the internal shame of limping back home -tail between my legs! :)

  • Great news Carole. So pleased for you :)

  • Thank you and hope you are getting out there too! :)

  • I like that you say 'only' 6k after struggling with an injury lol :D But yeay for pain free :)

  • Apologies!! I love running for miles so this has been hard. Makes you appreciate anything you can do. Happy running :)

  • Hey, no need for apologies! I was really impressed :) Hopefully you will be back on your long runs soon x

  • Hi Carole! Lovely that you are back. I'm sorry I hadn't even realised you had been injured. But I am so pleased that you are still running. I did think you loved it too much to have given it all up! I had been wondering where your posts were. Those long runs will soon be yours again you'll see. Take care x :-)

  • Thank you so much for the support. There has been a few dark days without running but always love reading the posts. You have been doing great and keep smiling - you look fab! x

  • Welcome back Carole!!!! So good to hear you're back out there after your time out. I hope things will soon settle down and you can pick up where you left off before your injury.

    Spring is around the corner. Happy days are here again, tra la la

  • Thank you my friend! Cannot wait for spring, the lighter nights and longer runs. Always know when to home when the smell of the BBqs along the canal are dying down! You have gone from strength to strength! No stopping you. Happy days indeed! x

  • Keep going. 👏👏

  • Thanks Raven, you have an exciting journey ahead and doing great. Keep us all posted on your graduation run, Good luck :)

  • Hey Carole welcome back! I could sense your happiness while reading your post. I'm glad you are well and have that glow again. It is a great feeling.

  • Thank you! The glow is just one of the many good feel factors that I'm sure you you feel too. Great to see the sun behind you and still loving it. Happy running :)

  • Thank you KK and dearly hope so. Felt tearful every time I saw a runner. It is so frustrating when your lungs and everything else is working well and the pain comes and you have to stop to avoid more damage. The best feeling comes when what you take granted what is lost and then returns. Hope you got the job and is what you wanted. Keep posting we all need your enthusiasm! :)

  • It always amazes me how it happens that you don't hear back. My only consoling opinion is that it may be in the hands of some incompetent middle manager. Your other application may be lost in the mess that ends up in the in tray - not uncommon. If any of the jobs appealed to you than it may be good to chase it and ask why you have not heard back. Also ask for their reasons/attributes for choosing their correct candidate. I was once turned down and placed second for a job because I was dress too smartly and came across too authoritative. It was for a District Nurse post but I had spent the last few years running day clinics and in theatres. I suppose my persona came across completly different with managers than my natural caring ability switch for patients. Can't win them all and fate will be for the better. Sounds like you are doing your bit anyway- All the best :)

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