Goodbye Week 6 !

I did it , yay ! It was very warm and muggy here today, and I was humming and ah-ing a bit , its too warm to run blah, blah. Im so so glad I went and did it. When I set off , the thought of running non stop for 25 minutes seemed a bit daunting to be honest, but I just tried to break it up into little chunks in my head , and once I got into a pace I felt comfortable with, it wasn't too bad at all, in fact, I really enjoyed it :-) So , week 7 on Sunday, I cant believe how quickly the time has passed .

Best wishes to you all xxx

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  • Well done on finishing week 6 which I think is a real toughie! I have to admit w7 isn't a pushover but your confidence will be high after the 25 min run in week 6 and a lot of this programme is challenging your mental attitude too good luck with week 7. I have to postpone wk7 r3 due to a bad back but should be up and running soon.

  • Thanks Nelly, it certainly is a toughie , I agree. Hope your back gets better soon, take care :-) xx

  • Thanks Kitty, I did carry a small bottle of water with me , but it was such a pain to carry, so that's a brilliant idea with the hairband , thank you ! :-)

    The time has gone really quickly, it doesn't seem that long ago when I was just first starting off, well they say time passes quickly when youre enjoying yourself , and I certainly am ! All the very best to you and thanks once again for the tip ! :-) xxxx

  • Very well done, Poppy, and welcome to week seven! Week six is positively evil; I can really see how people underestimate it and if it wasn't for the good folk here who warned about it, I probably would have too! I try and break the runs up into chunks too; I break each route into phases; better lots of smaller phases than one big long run.

    Very good luck for Sunday! :-) xx

  • Thank you Miles, I agree, Week 6 is a killer ! Good luck with your next run, I will look forward to reading it as always :-) xxx

  • Well done on having survived the 'killer' week - it's possibly the toughest on the programme. Week 7 is challenging in that it can be a bit relentless, as Laura says on the podcast. It's do-able though and you may well make some fairly rapid progress from now on in. Good luck with your next run and best wishes.

  • Thanks Fitmo, Im glad I heeded yours and others advice about Week 6, and Im very happy to see the back of it. Enjoy your weekend, just reading on another post that you have a lot planned, sounds great. I am off to watch the Great Manchester Run tomorrow, my goal is to compete and finish it next year. Best wishes to you :-) xxx

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