Goodbye Week 6

The dreaded 25 minute run was blown out of the water yesterday by yours truly. I am so proud of my fat little legs :)

Would you believe it.... I actually started to enjoy myself during the run and just knew I was going to complete it. I even put a bit of a sprint in with a couple of minutes to go.

Sorry for sounding smug. I tried to complete the C25K program earlier this year to get fit for my Daughter's wedding. I managed to finish week 8 but never got around to graduating. It was a real struggle all the way through and even though I had some exhilarating moments, I never really enjoyed it.

This time, the progress has been remarkable (yes I had to start again from W1) and I really am finding myself looking forward to the next run.

I am determined to get the 'Graduate' label next to my name in a few weeks time :)


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15 Replies

  • You deserve to enjoy it and no you don't sound smug. I was similar in that I got to wk9 2 years ago, I may even have had only 1 run left.. but each run was a slog with lots of failures and retries. This time around though it has been much more enjoyable and I have been able to cope with it a lot better, not with ease but no failures(touch wood). Maybe there's a lesson in there somewhere.

    Will look forward to seeing you posting with the graduate badge soon :)

  • Thanks pinkaardvark (great name btw). So looking forward to the very last run of the program. Good luck to you too 😁

  • Well done to you. That was one of my favourite runs of the whole programme. No more pesky intervals, just nice long runs to find your rhythm and enjoy!

  • Thanks WhatsApp. Yes I was actually finding my rhythm. Astonishing 🤯

  • Oh that's brilliant TOM😊...Wk6 in the bag and it sounds like maybe you found 'the zone', where you feel so relaxed you could run forever... robot legs etc.

    Well done and so pleased that this time you are enjoying the will definately be wearing a badge soon.😊

    I always start my run at a nice, steady slow pace for the first few mins, then once your body knows you are running and you have the oxygen you need it all feels much easier. If you start too quickly you can get a bit puffed and have to push through this feeling until enough oxygen is in your bloodstream. You can read about this its sometimes referred to as the toxic ten, it helps if you do a good warm up walk too.

    Good luck with Wk7😊xx

  • Thanks Jan. Good advice! I'll read about the toxic ten when I get chance. Thanks for the link.

    Week 7 here I come :)

  • Thanks for the reminder about toxic 10 Jan-now-runs t

  • With that sort of attitude the graduation podium is not too far away.

    Amazing when you start enjoying it isn't it?!

  • Yes... loving it :)

    Thanks Fitter40s 'Graduate' (important bit that!)

  • I'm still wearing the running equivalent of my 'P' plates. Think my relationship with running is a journey. Graduation was a nice stop on the way but definitely not a final destination.

    Keep enjoying!

  • Keep on going my friend..well done!

  • Cheers paule46 :)

  • Fantastic. Well done. Im just a bit ahead of you, (w7r2 just done), so we will hopefully be graduating around the same time.

  • That sounds good to me :)

    Good luck

  • The badge will be waiting.. all polished and shiny!!

    Very, very well so lovely to have you back with us :) Keep posting please:)

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