Failed week 6 day 3....tried so hard!

Morning all....well ive been doing c25k for 6 weeks....ive followed it really well except for last week where I did my week 5 day 3 on the sunday..then didnt do week 6 day 1 until the Friday. .I don't know if this is what has hindered me ir if it was just the 25mins I couldn't manage...I had 2minutes 54 seconds left and I really, really couldn't push nyself much more to finish it. Gutted! Now normally I would have ran laps around my local park but this has become boring and I thought a different route would suffice. The new route I tried had a hill during it and I really struggled. It wasnt a huge incline but clearly I couldnt manage it. Feel gutted! I am a type 1 diabetic too and my sugar levels went up quite a bit after my run leading me to think I have worked my muscles too much...I had palpitations during it which was scary. I did not run too fast either....made sure I was a snails pave as thats how I managed my twenty mins with ease. Anyone have any words of wisdom? Feeling defeated. :(


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  • Everyone has bad runs sometimes, there isn't always an obvious reason and you had a few factors which may or may or may not have been relevant. If you've been going really well so far, you can do the 25 minutes. Hats off to you for coping with doing laps - I have to have more or less a different route every time and often a different place altogether.

    Better luck next time!

  • Hills look innocent until you're actually on them and realise how much more energy they take. I think maybe you added too much at once, new route, hill, added time.

    Please don't feel defeated! We ALL have bad runs. I think it's just a way of learning how to do things differently next time. Sounds like you have lots of ideas of why it wasn't so successful, so maybe change one thing next time.

    And be kind to yourself. You're out there, you're running. You're figuring out how to make this work for you!

  • My week 6 was rubbish but I put it behind me and went onto week 7. We all have bad runs. You are doing brilliantly you've got this far. Hills/inclines are tough especially when you are not used to them. Week 7 is 25 minute runs anyway so why not put week 6 behind you and give it a go you were so very close. Plan your next run and maybe check out some suitable routes with a gentle walk to get an idea of the terrain. And if find that you do need to go back and revisit the intervals of week 6 it's not failing or going backwards it's taking control and doing something positive.

    Good luck for your next run.

  • Thanks for your replies. I did week 6 day 1, rest, week 6 day 2, rest then day 3.....I am going to try it again after having a rest day..this time probably just stick with laps until I know I can run 25mins safely and without stopping. Thanks again.

  • Week six is the hardest, and tackling the hill means you have to work harder. Running uphill means you have actually run further in terms of effort. I was looking at a run the other day, with a hill in it. A 10 k run, but over 11 k with the hill factor taken into account. So, no surprise you found it difficult. Hills are good training but maybe avoid them at least til after graduation as you don't want to be put off at this stage of the programme.

    Don't you dare give up!!! C'mon now, shake off your disappointment and crack on. You can still run outdoors but maybe not in circles as it's just too repetitive and boring. You must have somewhere scenic you can run

  • I had the same sort of thing. I changed route and ofund a massive hill which totally defeated me .. i felt so defeated that I didn't even bother to run the rest of the run just walked around. I went back to my old route and and smashed my next run. So my advice would be to keep going and look around for a route that you enjoy.

  • Through out my training l have run where there are hills and it wasn't so noticeable when l could walk in between but as the runs get longer they have worn me out before l have got to the end, l sat and had a thought about where l was running and changed to a flatter route and found them much easier, they may not look much but they certainly take up more energy. Change your route and l bet you will find it much more attainable. Good luck....don't get disheartened it's only a 'blip' you can do it.

  • It was just a bad run - we all have them! Shrug it off and give it a go next time. You've managed really well until now so no reason to think you won't do it next time. Good luck.

  • As everyone has said - this was a blip, hills are harder work and you might have just made too many changes all in one go. I echo spoonierunning though - you were so close it's not really worth calling it a failed run, if you factor in the hill work - you've probably done more than you would have needed to if on the flat - if that makes sense! Week 6 is tough anyway with going back to intervals after the straight run at the end of W5 - it catches people out. So, why not put it behind you, go back to your flat route for the moment and give week 7 a try. Good luck and best wishes.

  • Hills are SUCH hard work and really take it out of you. I think its a case of practice makes perfect, maybe do shorter runs and include a hill until you are used to it,and save the longer ones for on the flat.

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