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Stepping Stones second time round

Woo-hoo. After yesterday's post I thought I'd not do a second speed run midweek. Thanks for the advice!! So, I thought I'd have a 30 minute run and decided at the last minute to give Stepping Stones a second chance. Result? One of the best runs I've had since graduating. Not manic and racing for the fastest pace or furthest distance but getting the beat. And I got it. I couldn't believe my listening had got so tuned in today. Even the 150 beats per minute was possible without too much effort. Lots of patience helped. It made me think again about this podcast too. Perhaps I need to slow the beats to focus on making the run more evenly paced and ultimately faster in the long term. Stamina on Sunday again? There could be the makings of a 3-different-runs-a-week programme till I decide I really am ready for those two 'next steps' of parkrun and B210k.

Once again on the technical side: GPS all over the place on the SIM-less HTC Desire running Endomondo, but happy to try Runkeeper or Garmin Fit. I want to find out if the fact that I'm trying to use my old phone as a run tracker without a SIM card is the problem or I'm just unlucky. (Or do I need a different device!!)

Thanks for reading and keep on running!!

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I am using a simless phone to run with but only to listen to the podcasts. There are GPS black spots on my run, which Runkeeper always struggled with, so I use a Garmin for tracking my run.


Thanks Delores. Which Garmin device are you using?


110 Forerunner with a HRM. Yesterday it took a while to pick up GPS and I had to walk to the middle of an open space, but it is a spot which Runkeeper couldn't handle at all, although that might also have been my phone. Runkeeper also gives data artifacts. I still prefer its user interface, and upload my runs there.


Stepping Stones can be pretty good can't it! It slows me down enough that there's no doubt in my mind that I'll get through the 30 minutes - unlike the week 9 runs!

Good luck with Stamina on Sunday - I'll be out there as well trying to get the elusive 5K!


Yeeeeah! You are listening!!!! It is a listening skills pod-and until you do you think it is a load of .....! So pleased that you decided to give it another go! And that you got a lot out of it. be warned-again-stamina is grueling, so good luck with that on Sunday. I shall be mentally running with you.

Colette xx


I agree, Stepping Stones is excellent -- the second time around!


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