So in a moment of euphoria (stupidity?) I have signed up for the 10K Race for Life in July

Of course, I blame this foolhardiness on all of you wonderful people who have made me believe in myself, and have encouraged me to think I can take on the world.

My dad died of cancer on March 3rd and emotionally, I was in a very bad place for about a month. We hadn't spoken or seen each other for 20 years, and he called me on his deathbed to apologise for stuff and to tell me he loved me. I forgave him, and told him I loved him too. He asked me to send him photos of my kids and to fill in all the memories he'd missed out on. Sadly, he died the next day, and I never got the chance to do that. I was so angry, upset, and felt cheated, but I was determined not to start drinking, so I started running.

This run is my way of showing my dad ( and nan) that they are in my thoughts, and if any one of you kind people could give just £1, I would be over the moon.

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  • That's a hell of an emotional story treemouse. But how lovely you got to make peace in the end. Good for you running in his honour. Have just donated.

  • Thank you SO much danzargo. Your support means the world to me. I hope I shall do you proud! I will enter my first Parkrun just after graduation and build up to the 10k from there :)

  • You have clearly had a lot to contend with for a long, long time and I'm pleased that you and your father re-connected. It's such an emotional thing and I'm pleased that the running helped. Of course you can do the R4L - and power to you for being brave enough to take on the longer route - you will do it though. I am doing the R4L in June - just the 5K though. Good luck with the rest of the C25K - it's taken on a greater significance now. All the very best for your next run and best wishes to you.

  • Thanks Fitmo, you are my inspiration! Everyone has been SO supportive, and this whole C25K thing has been life-changing. I am determined to pull it off, and none of this would have been possible without this forum's support :)

  • You'll pull it off all right. And you are spot on about C25K being life changing - I find the self esteem and confidence gained from it spreads into other areas of my life - enhancing just about everything. Cheers.

  • Sorry for all the upset you have had. So pleased that you have found the running to be helpful. Your dad knew you loved him , the RFL will be emotional for you I am sure, but hey, well done for entering and hope all goes well for you. I am sure it will x

  • I can't thank you enough, no-excuse. To get sponsorship from people who don't even know me, is incredible. I'm getting quite emotional, it's truly overwhelming. <3

  • My dear Mousey, (if I may call you that!) what a tremendous thing you're doing! :-) having a 10k race signed-up for is brilliant motivation; I did the same, but yours is for a fantastic cause and you will do brilliantly.

    I've donated and will wholeheartedly proffer my support! :-)

  • Darling M_Y, what a diamond you are! You may call me Mousey, I am honoured! Thank you SO much. The support from you guys has brought a tear to my eye several times today. I can't thank you enough. :)

  • There are very few few races for men to sign up for that support a cause such as this. A chap who works at my local Tesco has been moaning about not being able to take part in something similar. I can't blame him for feeling as he does and it is high time something was done to encourage men to have some sort of R4L also. Cheers.

  • I quite agree! They should definitely do one for men. I don't know why R4L has to be gendered, and I hate pink clothing.

  • There has been criticism of 'discrimination' in the news about this R4L but Cancer Research UK say that it is the women only nature of the race that attracts such huge interest. They say that allowing men to run might put women off and reduce the number of entries. It wouldn't be a bad idea to have a race just for men though. Cheers.

  • Fully agree, Fitmo. There's nothing really like this for men to do, like the R4L for ladies. There's a Movember run but it doesn't seem to have the impact that R4L does. Had there been anything like that then I'd have chosen that as my first big race, but there wasn't so I went with for the Bupa Great Yorkshire Run.

    And Mousey, it's my pleasure. You'll do brilliantly! :-)

  • Oh TM ...what a story and I really feel for you and the emotional rollercoaster you've been on these last few weeks, but how brilliant that you've turned to fabulous running and not let yourself sink into despair and depression .

    All good wishes for your future running...keep us all posted won't you,you seem to have a nice way with words :)

    As a Southsea ' girl ' born and bred ( I was running along the prom just a week ago on a visit home) I am happy to have put a donation on your page for such a great cause xx

  • Carole, I just wanted to say how touched I am by your kind donation. I have been overwhelmed by the response I've had...the pressure is on for me to come up with the goods now!

    I think that after finishing the C25K I will need to focus on another goal, which is why I will try to train for the 10K. Lovely to get help from a local :) I will keep you all posted, don't worry :)

    Once again, I am so grateful. Thank you :)


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