Eek! Just signed up for a 10K!

So excited! It's on 2nd November in Plymouth. But it's at .........

.......... 8.30am!!

I know all you early birds (ahem Miles_igetupandrunat3am_Yonder :-) ) will think, 'ah, no sweat!', but this is me we're talking about :D . Zombie until I've had two cups of tea and unable to mutter a coherent sentence.

I think I may take this as a cue to try to transform myself into an owl in a lark's costume. Any tips anyone?!

(Heh, apparently I get a medal at the end) :-)


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32 Replies

  • Brilliant :) Good luck and a medal, too :) I'll be running in the Middlesbrough 10k in the morning and, hopefully, I'll be getting my first medal :) this will be me tomorrow:

  • Hehe, yep, that'll be us! :-)

    Good luck with your 10k tomorrow. Glad you're able to as I thought you were injured :-)

  • Thanks. Following my visit to a sports therapist on Friday (and a good massage) I'm going to attempt it :)

    MEDAL, medal, medal :)

  • Good for you! So pleased you didn't have to miss out :D

  • Thanks :)

  • Paul, sorry mate, another hectic week at work and I've missed this. You're running tomorrow? Brilliant! :-) Take it steady, especially if you feel any twinges, and you'll be fine.

    GOOD LUCK! :-) Can't wait to hear all about it - and see your shiny shiny medal too! :-)

  • Thanks, MY :) Bit more nervous than I would have been but looking forward to it :)

  • Nervous is normal but you'll be fine, you'll love it. You'll be signed-up for three more races by the end of today, just you watch! :-)

    Are you all bibbed-up and ready to roll?

  • Oh, yes :)

  • Good luck :)

  • LOL, just about every other post is someone signing-up for a new race! :D

    Really great stuff, I Will! bet you're really looking forward to that! :-) Well, to running the race and getting your shiny shiny medal, but not getting up early to run it!

    I had to laugh at that, BTW! :D I wouldn't mind when I was getting up before work to do it but I even get up at that time on my days off! Sometimes an hour later or so, but not any later than that. Tips: leading up to the race, on your training days, get up at the time you'll get up at on race day, and run at race time. Running at a different time from which you're used to can really throw you. It did me at first, but you do get used to it.

    Tell yourself you love early mornings and that you enjoy it; like running itself, it's all psychological. If you dread it, it'll be horrible, so try to think positive about it. Do as much as you can the night before: attach your timing chip, your bib, get your gear prepared and laid out - do it all the night before, so there's minimum faffing on race morning.

    Get up with plenty of time to get to the start line. When I did the York 10K I arrived two hours before the scheduled start of the race. I'm glad I did as an hour later and it was gridlock on the way in and the race had to be delayed by half an hour.

    I really used to hate early starts, I was always a night owl, until I started running, and now I love getting up early to run.

    Congratulations on entering the race! :-)

  • Thank you for these tips I'm definitely going to do that. I'll make October my 'get up early and run' month I think.

    I actually intended to this morning. Woke up at 7.15, drank some water and ...... fell back asleep! It'll be easier to implement when kids are back at school/college I think :-)

    Ohhh, race chips and bibs and everything!!!! :D

  • :D There is always that danger, yes, of falling back asleep. At first I found it easier to spring straight out of bed as soon as the alarm goes off but now I can linger a bit and providing I'm not too mentally tired I know I'll be able to get up and run. If I wake up and I'm really, really tired, I will bin the run for the day - this happened on Tuesday just gone. I was too tired; it'd have been a disaster.

    BTW, waking up and wondering if you can be bothered with it that morning is totally normal. It never goes away, that feeling. I had it yesterday; alarm went off at 0400 and I did actually wonder if I could be bothered with it, but, it's a nasty habit to get into, so I got up and ran anyway. I always feel better once it's done - I'm sure you will too. :-)

    Yes, it really is an exciting moment when the bib and timing chip pops through the post! Is the race on the seafront? I do love these seafront races; so looking forward to my Brighton HM for that reason. I'm sure Plymouth will be great too. I was half considering the Great South Run in Portsmouth but instead found my tower run; I might do the GSR next year.

  • Thanks for that about knowing how to expect to feel and it being normal is very helpful indeed :-)

    Great South Run?! Oh, I'll definitely look into that one :-)

  • Yeah, many people think that because I'm used to it, I don't get those sort of thoughts, but I do, and I like to reassure others that it's really, really normal. :-)


    It's a 10 miler, but looks really cool. Probably a bit short notice for me this year with everything else going on running wise, but may do it next year, though it will be two weeks after my marathon! Looks good though, I like these races that take us through interesting sights like that. There's a great looking 10K in Belfast I fancy as well - the Titanic Quarter 10K.

    So many races, so very little time! :D

  • Thanks for the out 2015!

    It would be a nice warm up to the NY marathon in Nov!!!!!!! :D

  • God, don't tempt me! NY is very high on my list! :D

  • Great advice from MY, I_Will :) I'm getting excited for you now :)

  • Let us know how your run goes Paul :-)

  • Will do :)

  • Gosh you're very brave on two fronts - the 10k and the early start! I'm with you. I hate early mornings. You probably won't sleep much the night before anyway so you might as well get up! Good luck with the training.

  • Thanks. I dunno about not sleeping ... I'm a bit of a sleep monster!

    It's an hours drive to get there too roughly, so that means planning and early starts. Running is challenging my weak spots in so many ways, and making me a better person! Lol

  • Brilliant - I still haven't done a race yet but as per your name I_will

  • Good for you .... and may the force be with you :-)

  • Oh I_will, isn't it exciting signing up for races ? I think its really good to have a goal. You've done more than 10k already haven't you so this will be a walk in the park for you ha ha :-)

    I know it is an early dart , but once you've done it you will have all day to bask in the glory and tell everyone about your success :-)

    Have you got a cunning plan ? Bupa and Asics have really good training plans on their website if you need one.

    Fab stuff, oh and cant wait to see the medalry, a girls gotta have that shiny bling :-D xxx

  • Thank you Pops :-)

    I'm going to post a piccy once I've earned the medal!!

  • That's brilliant, I use to be a student in Plymouth so brings happy thoughts when I saw your post. Good luck you will be fab! Hope it's not too hilly - I seem to recall a few hills.

  • No, it's a flat run so hoping to make a good time, thanks :-)

    Plymouth must have been a good party place as a student!

  • You did it... Yay

  • Finally!!! :D

  • Ooh this will be fun, but that is quite early, especially if you've got to drive there. I'm a night owl by nature too and have always felt that morning larks have some sort of moral advantage, but what the hell, I'm just going to go ahead and say it... I'd be very tempted to check out a cheap deal at a Holiday Inn or Travelodge or something in Plymouth... ;-)

  • It had seriously crossed my mind, and may well occur! I like your thinking! :-)

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