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Signed up for a 10K

So a moment of madness happened earlier.

A guy I work with has been a running man for the last 20 odd years. He does ultra-marathons of around 50miles and can do 5k in around 20-22minutes.

He asked me this morning what sort of distance I'm up to and I told him 6k (ish). He put the thought in my head of signing up for a 10k to give myself a target and something to aim for...

So I have. It's in October so a good 3months away. I'm fairly confident I can do it but it's the speed that worries me. Never mind, I've still got a while to train. Tomorrows run will hopefully be a 7k run, I've been loooking forward to it all week so it better be a good one. I'm praying for a nice fresh & crisp morning but my weather app forecasts rain :(

Kinda hoping those B210k podcasts arrive soon otherwise I'll follow the Bupa plan as that seems decent.

Any tips, tricks or advice would be greatly appreciated :)

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I'm toying with the idea of signing up for a 10k in October but worried about time (i am slow!) and whether I'll be able to run it all (my longest so far non stop is 5.6k). If I go for it I'll try the Petts Wood 10k. Which one you thinking off?


I'm slow too, but the way I see it; even if I come last, at least I would have completed a 10k. I'm not overly fussed with the time although it would be nice to come in the top 75%.

My longest run so far, non-stop is 5k but that was a long time ago and most of my 4k+ runs since have all involved walking breaks of 100m, but you know what? I don't think that matters.

I think you should sign up as like my work-mate said, it's something to aim for and a target to concentrate on.

I've signed up for the Croydon 10k ( - but I've got a slight advantage. Half of the route for the 10k is my normal running route anyway so I can pretty much concentrate on the route and practice on the hills before the day.


Are you doing the beginner 10k or intermediate? I have had a look at the BUPA 10k programme as starting to train for a 10k for mid September and the beginners looks the most do-able for me. Will be interested in hearing your progress, I may start week 2 of the bupa....


Hey bonnie,

I'll probably attempt the beginner as it's aimed at those who've achieved 5k already. I think the intermediate is for people who've already done a 10k race or two.

Will make sure I keep the progress reports going :)


I've got my first ever race tomorrow and it's a 10k. I'm not at all ready for it and will almost certainly have to walk some of it, I'm hoping I'll learn from it more than anything.

Good luck with yours !


I haven't entered any races like I said I would and I think all of you are incredibly brave.

I have managed to run 10k though, I've just been running for a bit longer once a week and built it up. If you set your mind to it and start off steady, it's surprising. I felt like I could go forever and actually got a spurt on at the end, finishing in 59 minutes 15 secs!


Wow, what a great time!

I actually went on a longer run today and done 8.5k which is a record for me (and amazing seeing as I couldn't run for more than a minute 3 months ago!) but that was completed in 55(ish) minutes with a fair old climb (141m or 460ft). I figured my 10k time would be around 1:05 although I want to beat an hour on the day, if not before!

The race route actually starts 5 minutes from my door so I plan to run the route (or at least most of it) next weekend and see how my time sits. The route is a lot flatter than today's run so I'm hoping it'll be easier.


Thankyou! I'm sure it was just a fluke though you sound to be doing great!

Good luck with it!


If you can do 8.5 you can definitely do 10. With 3 months to go I bet you are closer to 55 minutes with the efforts you put in. And a home tie :-D



Thanks for the vote of confidence Greg!

I ran the first 5k of the route this morning in just under 31 minutes which isn't too bad so if i can keep that pace, it'll be just over an hour. Not too shabby but yes, I've got 3 months to improve that :D


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