Couch to 5K

Week 2 complete and a question

Finally I was able to complete the week 2 programme. From week 3 onwards it is inevitable the run are going to get longer. So I really wanted to ask, what do you focus on while you run? For the past two weeks I just been focus on Laura saying its time to slow down. Obviously, I need to change that focus, and my mind often does go blank during the run. I just want to be able to withstand it when my mind suddenly decides to take over and slow me down, so any tips?

Overall week 2 was actually easier than week 1. Although, i still need to improve on the running technique, my breathing has definitely improved!

Bring on week 3 ! :)

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Hi Picaree, I don't know where you run, but I like to take my mind off the time and how knackered I am, by looking at the scenery in as much detail as possible. I have just taken up mindfulness meditation, and I find that being mindful when I run is really brilliant at keeping me focussed on the present. I look for changes in nature, light, all the sounds, smells and embrace my breathing and the fact that I'm alive and doing this crazy running malarkey.


That is inspiring and a good way to look at it


Im like you! My mind goes completely blank! I wish I was one of these people that say they can really think when they run but for me its like I have a mind amputation! Any tips you have please pass on!!! x


That is exactly my worries! Imagine the longer runs then :/


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