Wk7 Run2 I did it.... but only just!

I usually run first thing in the morning straight after the school run. But today I had commitments first thing so headed out at lunchtime. I've only ever run midday once before and that was also a struggle. Today the sun was out and was about 18 degrees.It's such a lovely day but boy did I feel the temperature difference to my normal early runs. I had to really slow down to keep going, I managed the 25 mins but only just today, it was awful. I feel so deflated, so it got me thinking how on earth am I going to manage when the weather (hopefully) continues to improve? Will I just get used to it ? Or will it continue to make running even more difficult? Any advice from you more experienced runners would be much appreciated :)


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4 Replies

  • I've been going out earlyish in the mornings - about 7.30 or 8 a.m. By the time I am halfway through the session it's starting to warm up and I begin to wish I hadn't worn a tracksuit. However, bit chilly at first for shorts and t-shirt although that may change as it's been like a summer day today. I guess it's a case of get out as early as possible before it turn scorching. You've only got just over 2 weeks to graduation so hope the weather doesn't get too hot before then. Good luck having done W7R2 and good luck with the next run. Best wishes.

  • Thank you for the support fitmo. Think the change of routine didn't suit me! I bought a great little running jacket for the chilly mornings that the arms zip off so i've been able to dress for the weather until now! Obviously didn't wear the jacket today! This week is proving to be the toughest yet and am beginning to realise running is a much more emotional activity than I would believed. When the running is good you feel on top of the world but when you have a bad run it brings you down to earth with an almighty bump!!! I will not give up though, can't wait to achieve my graduate badge. Hope your graduate runs are going well for you! Best Wishes

  • Congratulations on pushing through! I'm only on Week 5 at the moment so my personal experience would probably not be any use to you at all, but I have several more intense long distance runners (regular 5K to marathon runners) who I've heard say probably a million times that one should never run anytime near midday in warm weather. Apparently, the heat causes more stress on your muscles which obviously makes it more difficult on your body but you also get dehydrated more quickly which your body also does not appreciate. But I also know from hot yoga that the heat helps your body ease and relax more deeply into the poses so I wonder how that all fits together. Heat: good for yoga less so for running. Anyways, I hope that helps and I apologize for the ramblings. Best wishes on the rest of running!

  • Thank you for the advice! I don't think I will change my routine again, definitely doesn't suit me!! Good luck for week 5, hope all goes well!

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