I did it!

Ok so im not at the 9 week stage but for me even saying i managed all 8 runs on the W1R1 this morning is a big thing for me. I started W1R1 on Wednesday but i didnt manage all the runs (it was just too much) and I was disappointed but this morning I picked a different route (round and round the cricket ground) and just kept going. Once I got to 4 I was half way and then when I got to 6 I only had 2 left and the end was in sight!!! If you know me you will know this is a massive thing:) Onwards and upwards. Im classing today as my W1R1 and want to do this twice more before moving on. My legs feel a little sore but other than that this is do-able for anyone overweight and having no fitness whatsoever. So glad I found this:) As I ran round the cricket pitch (the whole 30 mins equated to 4 times round) I could see my footprints in the wet grass and i just kept thinking, "that was you, you have already shown you can do this so keep going". It made me quite emotional. Nothing like hearing Laura say you are done:) :)


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  • Congratulations Jo, well done, you're well on your way now! Keep it up! :)

  • Thank you:) I know compared to what some people have achieved this is so little but for me it might aswell have been a mountain. I think it might be a hot water bottle on the thighs tonight and lots of rest and then back out again on Sunday. Thank you for your kind words:)

  • It is not "so little"! Week One is perhaps the hardest of them all. :D

    Well done... that was a great achievement and I especially like your little mental trick of looking at those wet footprints. Yes! It was you and you're great! ;-)

  • Thank you. Im at work reading all these posts and they will make me tear up so I had better get on!! Thank you for your motivation and encouragement. x

  • Well done! I've just done my very first run this morning, I feel great but rubbish at the same time! Keep going, week nine seems like a long way away but you can do it! :)

  • Congrats to you too! Enjoy the high! :D

  • I feel great but sore! We did it!!!! Well done you. It will get easier and in a few weeks when we are running loads it will all have been worth it. Try a heat wrap or hot water bottle and ibuleve gel and you will be fine. Im going out again on Sunday - weirdly im looking forward to it already. Madness!! :)

  • congratulations, what a great achievement, you have every right to feel proud of yourself. Onwards to week two. :-)

  • I want to do 2 more runs like this before I move on. I amazed myself that although I was looking forward to Laura telling me it was time to slow down, I wasnt begging for it. Hope this gets easier:)

  • Well done Jo! I'm going to do my first run tomorrow with the thought in mind that its going to be tough & I probaby wont enjoy it much so anything over and above that will be a bonus. Then next week starting Monday i'll do the 3 runs of week 1. I've got a route planned so I just need to see how long it takes so I can make sure I get up early enough in the morning. No more excuses!

  • I think i found it easier to think of the barriers I might face and how i would overcome them. I think if i went in thinking it would be easy and found it wasnt then i might give up. So yes assume slightly that it might not be the easiest thing in the world but you will do it. Then when you do it it feels amazing!!!! If you have a rubbish first run like I did on Wednesday DONT LET THIS DEFEAT YOU:0. If you are finding its just too hard and you need to walk instead of run then do that. Just start again the next time. I was so disappointed with myself on Wednesday that i didnt do all 8 runs and felt such a failure but people on here really really helped. Take it as it comes - if it comes naturally then great but if not just have plenty of rest and try again. There is no one to beat, its not a race and you will get there. The feeling when you do all 8 runs is unreal:) i grinned all the way home. Take each small achievement to keep you going. Let me know how you get on. We are all starting from somewhere. Im 5 stone overweight, and havent run since school and i did it so dont worry you will too! Just take it slowly, listen to Laura and keep coming on here and reading blogs. It keeps you going!!! Good luck. x YOU CAN DO IT.

    Just think we will be running for 30 mins before we know it. P.S Hot water bottles, heat wraps and ibuleve will be your friends:)

  • Reading this made me all teary - to see the change in your feelings about yourself so soon, is just wonderful. Big hugs!

    You are already inspiring others. How cool is that? :)

  • Well done, knew you could do it, we all struggle to get out there so keep smiling and enjoy the journey :D

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