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Wk7 run2

Probably had my worst run to date this morning, don't know how I didn't give up. Feeling down as I really enjoyed the first run of week 7, don't know what the problem was today, but suspect I started off too fast.

Looking forward to Friday and run 3 to prove to myself its a one off. Might try running without Laura so am not constantly waiting for the next time check!

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I had the same thing happen on one of my week 8 runs - it's very easy to do as you are running better and feeling more confident. I consciously slowed down for the next run, and had a really good one. Even if it didn't work out, it will have helped continue build your strength. Good luck.


I would stick with laura and her timings. She will get you through

Some runs are just pants. Go slower, give yourself more time, and you'll be fine. Good luck


My week 7 wasn't great, but week 8 went much better. It was during week 7 I thought I maybe should repeat a week and started to think I wasn't ready for the longer runs, but I got lots of encouragement from the forum and kept going. Very glad I did, as I've seen lots of improvement since then. Everyone has good runs and bad runs, good weeks and bad weeks. Slow down if you need to, but just keep following the programme. It does work! Good luck.

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The key is in what you said. You had your worst run but "don't know how I didn't give up". See? You didn't give up and finished it even though you thought it was hard. It's done, put it behind you and I bet your next one will be great!


don't sweat it , we all have bad run days or off days , bottom line you still did it :D enjoy your rest day or days and then go out and enjoy the next one :D


That's your frist bad run over with, you didn't let it get to you did you? Well done, onto the next one!


It happens, but forget about it. You didn't give up so well done you, a successful run! x :-)


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