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W6 R2- hard but I did it...

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I found this ine much harder today. I'm not sure if it was the heat or just a bad run day but it was a real challenge. I was close to giving up when Laura said there was only one more minute left (at the end of the second run) so i pushed myself to the end. All the way through was a battle with the gremlins. My breathing felt out of control and my body was hurting, even though i kept my pace very slow.

When I got back, i was feeling really anxious about Thursday (run3) but now ive had chance to cool down and forget about the struggle again, I'm feeling pretty positive. The main thing is that I got through it, right?!

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Yes your right you did it just think back to your 1st day to now well done and me just completed week 5 run 3 really tired but I did it

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Well done! Xx

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well done! you will be fine when you come to do run 3, your body is doing amazing things to get you stronger with each run, and i am sure you can feel that already with the difference to week 1. You are on week 6!!! how amazing is that :-)

don't think about the run - just turn the app on and go, do what you have been doing and concentrate on that breathing rhythm. I look forward to see how you get on :-)

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Thank you! Xx

Well done 👍 I also completed this run this morning.

My third attempt of outdoor running (others on treadmill) and I just about done it 😳 I struggled during the first 10 minute run where I had to take a few steps (this has happened during all 3 of my outdoor runs)

But I was better on the second 10 minute run thankfully.

Here's to us with only continuous runs from here on 👏👏👏

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Well done! The slight changes in gradient must affect us more than we realise. I've done all my runs outside so don't really know what it would be like to do them on the treadmill. Good luck going forward... we can do it!! Xx

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Well done for getting through it. I did W6R1 today and thought - flipping heck - where has my mojo gone? Was on such a high after W5R3. Luckily all the lovely people on here had given me advice so I got through it. You'll be good to go for R3 don't worry - you've come this far & the programme prepares you for each new run. To repeat the C25K mantra - slow & steady. We know this programme really works. We got this. Good luck & let us know how you get on.

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Thank you! Xxx

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Well done. It is always a major victory to overcome your own doubts.

Every next run is a clean slate, so try not carry over anxiety.

Good luck.

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Well done for getting through it. We all seem to have good days and bad days, and they tend to be different for all of us. I flew through w6r2 and then really struggled today with w6r3. Seems like you never know what the run is going to be like until you start it, and the key when a tough one comes along is to just get through it somehow... which you did, so well done :)

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