Week 1 - starting tonight!

Hi Everyone,

I'm desperately trying to lose weight and get fit and healthy for my summer holiday and my wedding in March next year. I saw this plan and thought I would give it a go! I have done boot camp before which was quite frankly horrific so I thought how hard can a little run be?!! :)

Anyway i'm not sure if I haven't read it correctly but I don't know how many runs you are supposed to do in week one...is it just two, three or as many as I can manage?

Appreciate any help or advice anyone can give me!

Thanks xx


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22 Replies

  • Hi and welcome. It's 3 runs with a rest day in between and then two days off at the end of the week. I'll be doing my third run tonight on week one. Keep us informed on how you get on. All the best :)

  • Thanks for your message. I'm so worried about it though - I think that's always my issue, I talk myself out of it! I so badly want to do it though so fingers crossed I can!! :)

  • Hi Sazbag. Welcome to the forum & well done for taking up the challenge. You should do 3 runs each week. Make sure you have at least one day's rest between runs (so never run on consecutive days) as your body needs to repair & strengthen itself on those non-running days. It is OK to do some other sort of exercise (eg swimming, Pilates etc) on the rest days though. Good luck & please do keep us all informed as to your progress. You will get all the advice & support you need here.

  • I will do, thank you for the support. Hopefully I will manage it!

  • When you get to the end of each podcast, the amazing Laura tells you how many times you need to repeat it before moving on to the next week. Some people do a podcast a week, so 3 runs over 7 days, whilst others run on alternate days, so end up finishing slightly quicker, doing 3 runs in 6 days. Which ever way you choose, as long as you have a days rest between runs, you'll be fine. Enjoy yourself and good luck!

  • Ahh I see. That makes sense. I think I will see how I feel as I go before deciding. I want to get it underway asap so I may go for the quicker version. Im going on holiday in 7 weeks to Majorca so will have to be really dedicated to continue it there in the heat. I think perhaps if I run in the morning it wont be as bad! x

  • Morning running is definitely the best. Apart from it being cooler, there are fewer people to see you staggering about. Afternoon running is definitely for the confident, imho. Have fun!

  • I'd never thought of that ie 3 runs in 6 days etc. I think I'll go for that :)

  • Hi Paul, if it works for you then brilliant. Just be careful not to overdo it in the early weeks and risk an injury. I did the first 2 podcasts over 14 days, then did the next 3 over 6 days each but I've gone back to 7 days for w6 because it's TOUGH. In the end, your legs will tell you when/ if to take that extra days rest. Good luck and happy running!

  • Thanks for the advice. Some wise words there I think. Actually, I may do the 3 runs over 7 days for the first two weeks, as you did, and then see how I feel. Better safe than sorry ;)

  • Thank you x

  • Welcome Sazbang! Good on you for deciding to try this out. This forum is great for tips, motivation and sharing your experiences and reading others go through the programme too.

    The key message I have found here is to keep your pace steady and if you struggle, slow down but don't stop and give up. Everyone is different but there will be a point where you hit a wall and find that you are tested mentally as well as physically. Nothing worth achieving is easy so I would say go for it, keep going and don't look back! The people on the forum are fantastic so embrace a new fitter you that you will see over the next few runs. Each run will be increasing your fitness and the bonus is a stronger and leaner body that will look fab on the beach and in your wedding dress!

  • Thank you for being so sweet...I did it tonight and it was fine! Been took my dogs out for an hour after!! X

  • hi, welcome! I did my first run yesterday, so we will go together :). Good luck and my best wishes.

  • Thanks! Great idea, let's do it! X

  • Go for it! I'm just about to embark on Week 2 and actually quite excited about it. (Never thought in a million years I'd ever be able to say I was excited to go for a run!).

    I'm also about to start taking OptiSlim as I'm looking to shed a few stone too.... was dubious at first but after a bit of research it looks pretty good - and it's run through the chemist so that's encouraging! xx

  • Just don't be afraid of repeating a week if you don't manage it first time. It's not a failure, and better to repeat until you can do it than move on before you are ready. Also listen to your body. If you need to take 2 rest days, then please do. No point in pushing so hard that you injure yourself and have to stop.

  • Welcome to the forum and well done on deciding to start the C25K programme. I have consistently run 3 days in 7 throughout the programme. I run Mon, Wed, Fri and have two days off before starting the next week up. This works well for me. You may well find you need that extra rest day each week but listen to your body - it will tell you when you need extra rest. You must, though, make sure you have at least one day's rest between each run otherwise you will risk injury. The programme is designed to help you progress at a steady rate. Keep the running parts to a very, very, slow jog. Its a great programme and this community is very encouraging and supportive. Good luck with your first run and best wishes.

  • Welcome to the forum and the programme, Sazbang. Everyone else has covered your questions nicely so I won't go into it all again but you will find C25K to be excellent. As has been said already, you'll find all the help and encouragement here that you could possibly need. As a morning runner myself, I completely recommend it; running early in the morning, as far as I'm concerned, is fantastic. Nice and quiet, hardly anyone else about and truly a joy; plenty cool too! Enjoy, and good luck! :-)

  • Hi everyone, thank you so much for your kind words today. They have really helped. I did the run and it was fine! Not half as bad as I had built it up to be and I managed it! Even took my dogs out for a walk after! Thanks all again xxx

  • Well done. Keep posting to let us know how your runs go. Best wishes.

  • Right I did the 2nd run last night and it was sooo much harder than the first! Has anyone else felt that? It felt like it was never going to end. I did it on the treadmill as with the first so I may have been running faster, im not sure. x

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