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Starting Week 1 Verse starting Week 9

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I know the pictures are probably not showing up so this might be a little pointless!!

As the weeks have passed I've posted smiley pictures to talk about each run. Week 1 Run 1 wasn't quite the same!! I didn't post it here, in fact I didn't post at all until a few runs/weeks in.

So here it is-I honestly looked better after giving birth!!!!! Honestly! Why was a 1 minute run so hard!!!!! As exhausted and unfit as I felt, I did it. As bad as the photo is, I was smiling inside. And I got out and did a second run.

This forum has been the biggest factor in me continuing and getting this far. Everyone is just so great. There is such a positive vibe and great advice always given-it's a little community. My advice to anyone is to post.... even if it seems insignificant, or been said before.... just write what you did and how you felt, you won't believe the responses you get or how much you are helping others.

This journey for me has been a quick one. For starters I thought it was just a challenge but feels more of a journey. Who knew running for 1 minute would be so hard yet running for 30 minutes would be easy (ish!). When reading posts from runners who are near the end of C25k it's easy to just think yeah yeah you're so much further ahead than me. I couldn't believe this morning when In my ear I heard-you've been running for 2 months now 😳really! Have I??! Omg!!! It flys by. Each run I felt myself progressing, getting better than the last run and even when I had not so good days, I could still see the benefit of them in the next good run that I did have. Each week prepares you for the next, each run prepares you for the following run.

Next piece of advice, go SLOW!!! My above mentioned progression has nothing to do with speed. You'll hear 'go slow' lots!! Even at week 9 I'm still at a snails pace. Just focus on the run you are doing, and getting to the end of it.

This programme works, keep at it. Do as it says and you can't go wrong. Why am I doing it? I wanted to get fitter and be a role model to my little ones. I don't have any astonishing weight loss or inches to report but I definitely have a vast improvement in my fitness. From week 1-9 I can see big changes and improvements. I'm proud of myself. My little girl asks where I'm going and if she can come with me on a run-she's 2 .... I'm so very excited about this!! Lastly, my well being has changed for the better. Not that there were any issues but the running clears your head and helps you in other areas of your life! The high you feel after every run is magical... and its there after EVERY run 😃

2 more runs to go!!! I think it could be an emotional run. I'm going to go my favourite route around the park and hope to see some nice wildlife and take in some crisp fresh air and hope that I don't cry on the walk home 😎

Happy running everyone! We can all

Do this 😃💪🏃‍♀️

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Katnap profile image

Looks like you were too tired to smile in week 1 😸

Marcia-H profile image
Marcia-HGraduate in reply to Katnap

Wow they've appeared! I can't see them! But yeah I look a

Little grumpy (or a distressed animal) 😂but just tired!!!! I was pleased and happy with my first run though!!

emily-m profile image

Lovely post. And a great smile. 😊

Good luck for the rest of the week. Not that you need it. 😏

Marcia-H profile image
Marcia-HGraduate in reply to emily-m

Thank you x2 😃

AlMorr profile image

Hi Marcia, the two pictures that you sent have shown up with the rest of your great post, the people in this C25K training are I hope very honest like you are, they report bad runs as well as good days as well, Perhaps soon your 2 year old will soon run slowly along with her mum.

Marcia-H profile image
Marcia-HGraduate in reply to AlMorr

Thank you! I hope so too. And fingers crossed 🤞 we should be participating in a junior parkrun tomorrow or next week!!

Good news, bad news Marcia. a) you’re awesome and have romped through this programme like a superstar, b) you will almost certainly cry when you graduate!

It’s such an emotional moment. All the hard work paying off, transforming us from non-runners to runners in a very short time. Cherish those final two runs and prepare yourself for the podium and loads of congratulations from all of us! 👏👏👏👏

Marcia-H profile image
Marcia-HGraduate in reply to cheekychipmunks

Awe that's lovely 😊 thank you! I feel like I'm about to take my driving test 😆then there is none in the seat beside you telling you what to do!!!! And then you miss the lessons - I'm going to cherish the last 2 runs!

Can't believe it's my turn 😊

emily-m profile image
emily-mGraduate in reply to Marcia-H

Ha! I'm afraid I failed 6 driving tests so I don't want to think about that too much! 😏 Did W9R2 earlier, so I'm pretty confident C25K won't turn out the same way. 😎

Marcia-H profile image
Marcia-HGraduate in reply to emily-m

That just means you have more experience than most!!

Good to hear run 2 is a good one-all the best for THE one 😃

UnfitNoMore profile image

You’ll cry for sure! Why wouldn’t you? It’s an emotional life changing journey that you’ve been on, and you’ve rocked it. Look at you there... you look so much healthier, more relaxed and happier. As for your kids, well they have the best role model they could wish for... it won’t be long before they’re coming running with you. Another great run in the bag today, well done there. It’s been an absolute pleasure watching the story of your journey unfold... and yes, you should be proud... damn proud in fact.

Enjoy run two and then that big graduation one... and let it all out when you tick it off and light up that graduate trophy on the app.

Marcia-H profile image
Marcia-HGraduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

You're getting me emotional already....🙈

Healthier and relaxed definitely! Can't wait to see them running either and participating in it all and having lots of fun with it. Hopefully being active will be second nature to them.

Thank you for all your kind words, you've helped lots throughout this 🤗

UnfitNoMore profile image
UnfitNoMoreGraduate in reply to Marcia-H

They will be... they’ll naturally follow you... you’re changing several lives here. Go close this out.

antonioa profile image

What an inspiring post :) How can anybody not be inspired by your journey? Good luck with your last runs and definitely enjoy your graduation run.

Marcia-H profile image
Marcia-HGraduate in reply to antonioa

Thank you so much! By the sound of it, it's going to be emotional 🙈

Super proud of you. Honest post from the heart. I'll be here with many applauding you on your final run. Save me some space on the podium, I'll be joining you there on Friday x

Marcia-H profile image
Marcia-HGraduate in reply to Rooster678

Thank you that is lovely 😊 we are so so close!!! I'll be waiting for you!! X

embobs profile image

I’m also expecting the last one to make me cry! I cried a bit at 20 minutes (whatever week that was!) You have been an amazing source of inspiration for others and you have encouraged me enormously. Thank you Marcia-H, we’ll reach the end of that last run ‘virtually’ together!!! Xx

Marcia-H profile image
Marcia-HGraduate in reply to embobs

Awe thanks embobs! I was overwhelmed finishing 20 mins too! It’s nice to hear that I have inspired and encouraged others-makes the journey even more worthy 😊

I feel like we literally ran virtually together yesterday! You posted just as I’d finished.... I kind of wish I was running with someone for the last one instead of slowing to a walk and bursting into tears in the park!!! What am I going to look like 😆

Go you!!! Looking fabulous!!

Marcia-H profile image
Marcia-HGraduate in reply to Manxtommo

Thank you!

Shakywakey profile image

What a great post. A real inspiration to all those who are on the programme. 👏👏

Marcia-H profile image
Marcia-HGraduate in reply to Shakywakey

Thank you-would be great to think I have inspired others on their journey too!

Runsome profile image

Hi Marcia-H

What a great post,

you’ve put into words the way we all felt through the goood and not so good times during C25k. You are an inspiration to all the guys in the plan. Enjoy your graduation run and thanks for your post👍😀

Marcia-H profile image
Marcia-HGraduate in reply to Runsome

Thanks runsome!

It’s hard when you have ‘off’ days but they are just as important as the good ones. I didn’t realise this at the time and thought it was a downward spiral when I had 2 bad days together. However having a great run after these 2 days, I realised they were there to prepare me!

It’s easy to plant seeds of doubt until you get your next epic run! Thanks for the well wishes-looking forward to the graduation run!

Runsome profile image
RunsomeGraduate in reply to Marcia-H

The dips make the highs even greater😀

Marcia-H profile image
Marcia-HGraduate in reply to Runsome

Absolutely!!!! Great way to say it!

Mrun1 profile image

Such a lovely, uplifting read!

And if you do end up crying on the walk home, don't worry! You deserve a good old "I'm proud of myself" cry!

And I'm sure if your little ones are old enough to understand, they are proud of you too.

Being a good role model for our kids really matters when it comes to health, exercise and diet. You're doing a great job!

Marcia-H profile image
Marcia-HGraduate in reply to Mrun1

Thank you! I couldn’t agree more about being good role models for the little ones with exercise, eating and well being. So far my 2 year old loves her fruit and veg... so hopefully I’m getting it right!

If I bump into anyone on the ‘weepy’ route home I will just tell them I’m proud of myself! 😊

Mrun1 profile image
Mrun1Graduate in reply to Marcia-H

I don't remember the last time I cried from being proud of myself. So after reading this I've promised myself a good cry after I do my final run. Something to look forward too 😂

I'm a long way off yet through. But like you said, time flys!

It was after I had my son that I started eating healthy (before that I was a junk food queen) but I figured if I'm making him eat healthy, I should encourage him by eating healthy too. He's 13 now and I rest easy knowing I'm doing the best I can for him when it comes to food!

(I do have parent guilt about many other things though, but who doesn't...?! 😂)

Again, well done you! And enjoy that cry on the walk home 👌🏻

Marcia-H profile image
Marcia-HGraduate in reply to Mrun1

My last proud moment of myself was giving birth to my son 😊 you’ve made me realise that my graduation run is on his 9 month birthday!!! Oh dear there will be tears!!!! I’ve been wondering how to post my end run, wonder no more! The little guy can feature in mummy’s celebrations!!!

Sounds like you have done great with your sons health. People are so quick to give my 2 year old sweets yet she’ll happily have fruit-she cant understand what’s healthy and what’s not!

Oh Mummy guilt!! At least we have this right, because if it’s not this, it’s something else to worry about isn’t it!!!

Mrun1 profile image
Mrun1Graduate in reply to Marcia-H

Always something to worry and feel guilty about as a parent 😂

People were the same with my son. Always offering him sweets and chocolate. He still enjoys sweets but in moderation.

Looking forward to seeing you and your little one celebrating your graduation run!

SOULY47 profile image

What a fabulous well written blog and so very true in everything that you have written. Sharing your journey and others is what has kept me going. I'm VERY delicate today, I'll post a blog about it soon. So I may not start week 9 til Tue however I will see how i feel later today. Well done you, keep smiling and posting. Xx

Marcia-H profile image
Marcia-HGraduate in reply to SOULY47

Thank you very much! Means a lot to hear. I’m not very good when it comes to writing (but much better at talking! 😆)

It really is reading others journeys and responses to your own posts that spur you on isn’t it!!

I hope your delicate disposition is due to a wild night and not anything serious?!?! Don’t overdo it today-it can wait until tomorrow!!! Either way, enjoy week 9, it’s a feel good week 😊

Sykesy64 profile image

You rock! Well done, girl, you're an inspiration x

Marcia-H profile image
Marcia-HGraduate in reply to Sykesy64

Thank you so much 😊

This is such a brilliant post! Well done you! My little girl - also 2 - likes to tell me to "go and jump in muddy puddles" on my run (Peppa Pig fan) and my five year old son likes to see my route on my phone afterwards and always asks me for how many minutes I ran.

Marcia-H profile image
Marcia-HGraduate in reply to SubterraneanAlien

Awe love this!!!! Great to see they are taking an interest-even if it is to jump in puddles!!! 😜Love that your son want to see your route and minutes!!! At 5- this is amazing! You must be a real inspiration! I have really realised a lot recently just how much we influence our little ones-i want them to look up to me! Well done you-I think you’re already there 👏

SubterraneanAlien profile image
SubterraneanAlienGraduate in reply to Marcia-H

I suppose everything we do is mirrored back through our children. Haven't thought about inspiring them - you must be right. And you too!

Here's to running mamas! 🥂

Nearly shiny badge time! Lovely post. I think you will shed a tear, or tell the entire world, (even people you don't know well who will look at you blankly) or both!

Marcia-H profile image
Marcia-HGraduate in reply to BaddieThePirate

Thanks 😊 my family are sick to death of hearing about my running 😆 I must mention it a lot!!! It’s hard for folk to understand just how hard a 1 minute run is when they haven’t done it!!!! That’s why this place is amazing!!! I might be so happy and proud I just tell everyone though🤷‍♀️🏅😆

BaddieThePirate profile image
BaddieThePirateGraduate in reply to Marcia-H

I used to be the person who pointed out running is bad for your knees! Now I ignore people like me. Anyone not onboard doesn't get it.

Marcia-H profile image
Marcia-HGraduate in reply to BaddieThePirate

Haha! Love it!

Fabulous450 profile image

So happy for you Marcia!! You have smashed the programme and have every reason to be excited and tremendously proud of yourself! You’re an absolute star!! Enjoy the final runs in the programme!! The podium awaits another star!!💫 🌟 ⭐️ 🤩❤️

Marcia-H profile image
Marcia-HGraduate in reply to Fabulous450

Thank you that is very kind! Really looking forward to the last 2-think at this rate I’ll be emotional tomorrow never mind Wednesday!!

Fabulous450 profile image
Fabulous450Graduate in reply to Marcia-H

Oh that’s perfectly understandable!! I certainly was!! But for all the right reasons! 🤩❤️

Marcia you are glowing!

Enjoy your last runs! You’re an inspiration, I love your posts & can’t wait for you to graduate! You deserve it girl! You’ve worked so hard & encouraged so many with your journey! You’re most definitely winning 🤩🙌

Marcia-H profile image
Marcia-HGraduate in reply to

Awe thanks!! Means a lot to hear!

MrsBeario profile image


Many congratulations on your achievement; you look radiant in the 2nd pic (and just a little tired in the first one)-Shine on 🏃🏻‍♀️

Marcia-H profile image
Marcia-HGraduate in reply to MrsBeario

Yeah just a little bedraggled in the first!!! But it was still a good run! I’m impressed by how much I enjoy it!!

Caz9 profile image

Hi Marcia, What an inspirational read. I did C25K about 8 years ago and jogged and did Parkrun for the next few years until I had a problem with my foot about 3 years ago. I then stopped and never really thought about taking it up again until this summer. Having already done C25K I knew where to turn and that the programme was very do-able. I, too, am on Week 9, hoping to do run 2 later today.

Marcia-H profile image
Marcia-HGraduate in reply to Caz9

Thanks! It's great that you have come back to do the programme-how do you find it this time around?

I did it years ago but never completed it. It was an American app I used. As I approached to do it again someone mentioned the nhs one but thought I'd stick to what I know. However I download it and then left it for 3 months!!!!! Then I had a nosey and saw you can pick the coach that you want. So glad I did this as this programme is amazing!! The forum is unbelievable and the support has been the thing that has gotten me through to the end, and enjoyed it!!

Hope run 2 was a good one, I also did mine this morning, happy running-1 to go!!

Caz9 profile image
Caz9Graduate in reply to Marcia-H

Thanks Marcia. As I'd done it before with Laura I knew what I was letting myself in for and knew it was do-able. I liked this app even better because it allows you to listen to the radio, whereas with the old app I had to put up with their music. I still stuck with Laura though, cos I liked her. Did my run at lunchtime in the drizzle. Last run on Wednesday hopefully. Then I may try my local Parkrun on Saturday to establish a time for the 5k as a baseline to work from. I've done Parkrun in the past and it was good fun but I doubt I'll be able to improve my times now as I'm the wrong side of 55!!

Marcia-H profile image
Marcia-HGraduate in reply to Caz9

Sounds a good plan! I'm not sure where to go to next!! Would love a parkrun but need to cover more ground and get my speed up first!

I think you could surprise yourself with your times especially if you've done this before-you're the 'right side' of C25k!!!! But if anything have fun, it's not all about competition!

Caz9 profile image
Caz9Graduate in reply to Marcia-H

Speed doesn't matter. Search for your local Parkrun and then look at the results. I bet you will find people who are a lot slower than you because they are walking the 5k or doing a mixture of walking and running. There is always a tail runner or two who are there to make sure everyone has finished the course - and they will always have the slowest time! So you won't be last. Anyway, you are not competing with the other runners, you are only competing with yourself and now is a good time to get that baseline time for a 5k because you can only improve and set new PBs! Good luck.

Marcia-H profile image
Marcia-HGraduate in reply to Caz9

Ohhhh thanks for that advice! Never knew you could look up other runners time-this could be a game changer!!! You're right it could be a baseline for me to start with, thanks!

Deals1 profile image

Great post!

johnm12 profile image

What a lovely post. I just love the photos people post on here. A proper genuine delighted smile. Well done. The forum is great and has kept me going too. Happy running

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