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Starting C25K tonight!

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I actually started the C25K last October and fizzled out in the first week. The darkening nights and cold weather was more than enough to stop me struggling into sweatpants and sussing out the local park after work. But now it's spring...summer's just around the corner, festival season is about to get under way and I'm sick of carrying some extra weight and huffing my way up three flights of stairs to my flat.

Right now, I'm more than a little sceptical that in a few short weeks I could be running for extended periods of time, being that I haven't ran properly since the early years of secondary school. But reading through other peoples experiences, I've made the decision to break this seriously unfit barrier and persevere. I'm writing this because I'm the mother of all procrastinators and it's a habit I would dearly love to break in many aspects of my life. I'm hoping that if I can finally achieve something like this it will also push me to get my ass into gear in other ways. Fingers crossed :)

So I've my running gear with me in work and I'm planning to walk/run my way home this evening with the C25K app, and hoping I don't keel over into the canal.

Here's hoping I'm back to update towards the end of the week, with three runs under my belt!

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Go for it!

I put off doing the c25k for many many months (maybe a year or two I'm sorry to say). I had all the excuses and talked myself out out it.

When I did week one, I didn't think this was for me, I struggled to do 60 seconds, it was the hardest week, but listening to the NHS podcasts just give you the little extra encouragement to keep going.

I've just finished week 6, 25 minutes and I can hardly believe it.

Good luck! It's worth it and you can do it !

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27Flash in reply to phony_runner

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply, what a great forum for encouragement! It's extremely helpful that other people had the same thoughts starting out and have managed to push past it and keep going. I'm hoping that by posting on this forum I will feel obliged to continue so I can keep updating :) Well done on the 25 minutes, I can only imagine the feeling of achievement from reaching that point!!

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Good luck flash!! Keep us posted on your progress, since I found this forum its really helped me and made me feel that I'm not on my own, and there are loads out there having the same experiences and ups and downs so just go for it and enjoy!! I started the C25K in February, after stopping smoking in November last year and I just got this overwhelming feeling of wanting to be fitter and healthier, the C25K has really helped me to achieve that and once you get the running bug its a great feeling, looking forward to your future posts on how your doing :)

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27Flash in reply to jules50

Thank you for the encouragement jules! I really appreciate it and I'm hoping this forum will push me through the painful beginnings. Well done on completing the C25K, I've no doubt the feeling must be incredible. I'm certainly looking forward to it and if that doesn't keep me going, hopefully the shame of not completing it when everyone else has will ;) Here's to being back to update soon!

Well done for taking the first step - and please try and enjoy it!

Thank you so much! Dare I say I'm even starting to get a little excited about running tonight in this fantastic London weather...I'm sure that will disappear once the huffing and puffing begins but thank you for the encouragement :)

I'm not surprised you gave up! I started last June, and I have immense admiration for all the newbies who started during the winter months.

So then, no excuses now - it's going to be hot out there today and tomorrow, so make sure you hydrate well and wear cool gear so you don't overheat.

Good luck!

It was a ludicrous time to begin, once it got dark by 4 there was just no pushing myself, but I'm definitely hoping this amazing weather is the key :) Thank you for the encouragement and I'm looking forward to joining the ranks of Graduate come the end of June hopefully!

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Good luck for your run home and getting back into the program. :)

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Go for it! Go slow, and enjoy it.

I have never been 'sporty', but I started the programme in January around my 50th birthday. I graduate about a week ago.

Each stage is a challenge, but do-able, and the sense of achievement you get from each session helps motivate you for the next.

(And the endorphin rush somehow wipes out the memory of the pain. lol )

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Good luck with you run tonight, make sure you let us know how you get on. 😊

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Well, 27Flash, how did it go today?

There's a lot of people willing you on here!

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